"Sweet Dreams" — Inspiration for a sweet baby shower

I am getting some great guest posts lined up for you, but in the meantime, I received an S.O.S. from a friend looking for some inspiration for a baby shower she is hosting. In all fairness, she only asked me for invitation ideas, but my brain doesn’t really work that way. I can’t think of an invitation if I don’t have a party theme or feel. After picking her brain a bit, I learned that the shower is for a mom having a baby boy and there is no theme except they are having a dessert table. And immediately I decided that the theme of the shower should be:

Here’s how I would do it: I would combine elements from lots of my favorite showers into one. Of course, you know I love this idea I initially saw on the Hostess blog of setting the table as a bed…
So clever and fun! For this shower, I would set up the dessert buffet on the “bed,” and go with a classic blue, yellow, and white color scheme like you see on this cake (from here).
In fact, if you could replicate this cake as the centerpiece of the dessert bar, that would be great!
Wouldn’t this background and “clouds” hanging from the sky, just complete the visual (from Not Just A Mommy’s Airplane party)?
And since the theme is “sweet dreams,” any thing sweet would be at home on the dessert table, although it could be fun to throw in some “moon pies,” or star shaped candies, like these suckers.
And big jars of cookies, along with milk to balance out all of this sweetness would tie in perfectly. You know I love these ideas featured at my Party Party winning shower

And the shower that inspired her

Oh yes! Invitations! That’s what she asked for! I have a couple of ideas.

I’ve always loved these invitations from O Happy Day, but figured they were too expensive to be practical. If your guest list was small, and/or you planned to hand deliver invitations, these might be worth it! Instead of lemon heads, I might fill the box with star candies like these (only the yellow and blue ones, though).
Or maybe, mini-marshmallows (clouds) with a scattering of star candies.

A less expensive option might be to make a lollipop invitation, like one of these. This would be easiest if you have a circle cutter (Cutting circles by hand could be a pain.)

I might take it a step further and try and design the “lollipop” to look like a star or a moon on a stick (thus the sweet and the dreams, in one).
Anyone else have any great handmade invitation ideas I could pass along to my friend? I guess they don’t even need to go along with my Sweet Dreams theme, because she may read this post, decide that I am certifiable, and go another direction entirely. I do hope someone out there is crazy enough to put this one together, and if that someone is you, please send me pictures so I can see how it turns out!

Sweet dreams to all!
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  1. great tips.
    love dreaming bout party planning.
    more invites

  2. I am throwing a shower for a close friend and absolutely LOVE this theme! I will let you know how it works out!

  3. Cara @ Twice Lovely says

    OMGosh, I just adore this, and aren't you lucky to spoil yourself in the planning of a friend's baby shower. (And awwww… look at the J-bird's red shoes above me)

  4. Not Just A Mommy! says

    Wow, what a cool airplane party! That mom must have been going insane making and hanging up all of those tissue pom clouds 🙂

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