The Keg Cake Instructions

You know I love cool cakes and especially crazy 3D cakes for special occasions. When my friend, Kim, sent me a picture of this amazing, functioning keg cake that her mom had made, I knew I had to share it on the blog, even though I’m not even a drinker. I was in the middle of pirate party planning at that time, and did consider trading the fighting pirate ship cake in for a Keg cake full of root beer. But since I had no idea how Terri pulled this off, I stuck with plan A.

Cakewrecks blog shared this cake on their Facebook page (they share the cool as well as the comical) and thousands of people rushed to see it. I had many requests for tutorials, and was just  finally able to acquire the pics and instructions from the cake artist herself, exclusively for my blog! The rest of this post is by Terri.


After watching so many Cake Competitions I absolutely had to make a cake. The last (and first) cakes I made were my daughters wedding cakes in 2001.

No idea what to make…then inspiration struck. My neighbor loves Wild Turkey and he was retiring. Hmmm. A victim and a theme! Scrapped my first idea of sculpting a bourbon bottle. A keg would be more interesting. At first I designed it to stand on end. Not a good idea since everything had to be put together at the last minute. Setting it on it’s side allowed me to make a tremendous amount in advance.

I had no idea how much cake to make. This served about 40 people…for 3 days.

First step…building the base out of foam board. It looked more like part of a nativity scene than a keg at this point.

The cake part will sit on the platform. The section on the right will house the bourbon bag.

Barrel staves for the keg bottom side. Foam board with grooves cut in so they can curve.

The barrel staves will be covered in Chocolate Clay like these “cradles”.

I covered the pieces and then pressed them into my deck railing…scrubbed

clean of course…then rubbed the surface with a mixture of cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

I was also able to pre-make all of these parts: clay pot, slate base, geraniums, “nails”, barrel lid and bottom.

Here’s the Wild Turkey bag in place. It’s made out of  a seal-a-meal bag. It’s actually the second bag the first one having been punctured with one of those skewers I was using to hold things until the frosting glue dried.

Rice Krispy treats used for the upper barrel staves then covered with modeling chocolate. The cake itself was carved and  frozen.

Delivery day these staves were installed and rubbed with the cocoa butter/powder mixture.

Then the straps and nails were put on.

The finished product…no one more amazed than me.

The kids loved the staves and the adults loved the cake.

The cake was a repeat of three layers. Dark Chocolate made with espresso and spritzed with Kahula and frosted with dark chocolate ganache. German Chocolate spritzed with Tia Maria and frosted with milk chocolate ganache and, White spritzed with white Crème de Cocoa and frosted with vanilla butter cream with toffee bits.

If making the cake for children or non-drinkers just boil the liquors for a bit to cook off the alcohol and leave out the espresso.


Isn’t that cake simply amazing! I’m still not sure I can believe it was only her 2nd time attempting cake decorating. She must watch LOTS of Cake Boss, right? And I think Terry could have a new career, if she wanted! She just sent me this picture:

She says:  

“Here’s another easy fun cake you might like…our Buche de Noel wasn’t big enough so I made a Stump de Noel too.”

I’m not sure that looks easy to me but it sure looks fun!  Thanks so much, Terri for sharing your secrets with us today, and let me know if you are going to be in town around birthday party times! I could always use a little help with the cakes! 😉
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  1. Holy crap, that keg cake is amazing!

  2. Thanks, Kendra…and Emily.

  3. Wow! Very cool!

  4. can we be best friends?

    • We can, but I’m pretty sure it’s Terri you want to be best friends with. 🙂 I’ll have to check with her!

  5. Can you tell me how the spigot/Wild Turkey done? To make it a working keg?

    • Hi Vivian,
      I’m the daughter of Terri…the crazy woman with all the crazy talent that thinks up crazy things like a keg cake. She used a plastic bladder that had a spigot on it already…if you need more detailed instructions contact Kendra, she knows how to get a hold of us:)

  6. Love this cake, is there anyway I can get the instructions on how to make it


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