Fishing Father’s Day

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I have posted several fun Father’s Day ideas on the blog over the years. I think it is because men are a bit like big kids and it is easy to pick one of their hobbies or interests and create a whole theme around it.

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Last year, we celebrated my husband’s love of fishing with a “What a catch!” Father’s Day dinner.

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We pulled out the old-fashioned lanterns (previously appearing in the camping and train birthdays). We ate our fish dinner off of metal camping-style plates, and hung our sign, fishing net (dollar store) and fishing bobbins from the chandelier with–what else? Fishing line! The bobbers were inspired by Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line. I could only find patriotic lanterns at the dollar store, so I had to paint the whole thing. White lanterns would be much easier.

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We made another fish banner, like the one we did for his fishing birthday several years ago, but this one was smaller. I think we just used it to hang on the back-side of his chair. Looks like he had a successful fishing trip! (If he was fishing for paper fish). I added some graham cracker crumbs on the other side of the river.

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I took some serious short-cuts to making this fishing cake. I bought (*gasp*) a chocolate bundt cake and cut it up to make the edge of a river bank. The trees on the bank are spearmint leaf candies. My frosting river is full of Swedish fish waiting to be reeled in, and one is caught on a pretzel fishing rod.

I have a fun fishing gift in the works, if I can get it posted in time this year. Do you have a husband/Dad who loves to fish? Wouldn’t they love to be your catch of the day? 🙂

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  1. Great Father’s Day idea! What dad doesn’t love fishing? Great theme, very creative.


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