A Hair "razing" weekend

I know it happens to most of us.  I had a pretty good inkling it would happen to me with this particular child before too long, yet I still let out an audible gasp when I saw this…
Horrifying, isn’t it?  And it was at least as bad as it looks.  
It was the day after the fairy party.  She got an awesome cake decorating playdoh set for her birthday and at some point, while I was tending to her brother, she managed to open the playdoh set and make all kinds of cupcakes and messes…right on the family room carpet!  I got the baby down for a nap and went down to get busy on the playdoh mess.  I called to her to come and help me.  I think she was going potty, so I didn’t worry when she didn’t come right down.  A few minutes later I called to her again and she came down and began to help.  I instructed her on the procedures of using playdoh, and busily got the vacuum and proceeded to clean.  I must have been really focused on the mess, because I had no idea what other mess had already been created as we bustled around the family room.  I had another project I was wanting to get started on when the baby started crying intently.  It wasn’t until I sat down to nurse him at the computer, and Tessa sat at the computer adjacent to mine to play “Dora” that I glanced up at her and beheld Exhibit A above.
“Ahhh!”  “How?”  “When?” “Why?” “How?” She finally told me that she did it while I was “playing with her Playdoh.”  Nice.  I ran to find the hair-cutting scissors back in the appropriate drawer in my bathroom and Exhibit B (above) all over the floor.  In addition, there was a nice array of feminine hygiene products in various states of undress scattered around the scene of the crime.  
The next decision was whether to scold, laugh, cry, or get the camera.  I think I did all of the above while getting the camera, I took a few pictures and then sent out an SOS call to my friend Kathryn, who does my hair.  No answer.  I’m trying to remember what was next on my priority list–updating my Facebook status or calling my husband to let him know that our little “fairy” would shortly have a real pixie hair cut, and that she was grounded until she was 30.  Both happened in short order.  Friends on FB asked for pictures of the carnage and gave their advice.  Riahnna-style Mohawks were suggested, chemotherapy condolences given, but overwhelmingly, the message was “WAIT FOR PROFESSIONAL HELP!”
I was so relieved when Kathryn called back that evening and promised to come over and work her magic the next morning!
(Here she comes to save the day!)

Not sure what she thinks about getting her hair cut.  “Tessa who gets to cut Tessa’s hair?”

 Looking cute! 
 Flapper girl.  

Love Kathryn’s backcombing action!  But Houston, we still have a problem.  The big mystery is how she was able to cut so very close to her scalp repeatedly and not cut her scalp or her ear.

Then inspiration strikes!  Thanks to this awesome photo shoot, Tessa is the owner of two of these adorable Vintage Rose Wraps.  I think they are going to be her best friends for the next few months until the bald spot grows out.  
Pretty cute, considering, right?  Thanks Kathryn!  She’s still grounded until she’s 30, though.
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  1. Wow, she sure did a number on her hair but the end result turned out SO cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The Hopkins Home says

    This happened to me too – luckily it was my son and not one of my daughter's but I remember being horrified at how BALD he was…yeah, he got my razor out of the shower while I was making dinner and shaved "like daddy". Thankfully it was his hair and not his face!!! The haircut is adorable and this is one for the memory books ๐Ÿ™‚ This will be a hilarious memory for all of you one day!

  3. Rich & Christen says

    Hilarious. The whole story. And I adore the after, hair wrap and all.

  4. Rich & Christen says

    Hilarious. The whole story. And I adore the after, hair wrap and all.

  5. Candace@craftysisters-nc says

    It's happened to me too..everything from the scalping to the undressed tampons. The final haircut and headbands turned out really, really cute!

  6. OH my word…when I first saw the "before" picture I thought the end result would not be NEARLY as cute…but she looks great!! And the headband works perfectly!! Great save, mom! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. When my middle child was that age she gave herself a crew cut!

  8. Kathleen Boland says

    I remember the exact moment that my middle girl child razed her head. Not as lucky as you, she did the almost the whole head. We had an emergency haircut and she was a pixie for a few months…like 7.
    She did look cute after I calmed down.

  9. Oh the initial horror must have been overwhelming!!!! That said, you'll all look back and laugh and her hair does look cute…and the headband may turn into her "signature" look! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. That is the best before and after pics I have seen on a toddler do it yourself cut!!!! I was SURE she got a hold of the clippers….scissors did that?! So scary. It ended well though…LOL.

  11. My daughter cut her hair 2 weeks ago right at the front, yes the bangs and it is about as short as that. I am glad it is cold outside as she will be a hat wearing 4 year old until the summer:) Your daughter still looks adorable!

  12. Great (well, sad) story! Lucky for you she looks absolutely adorable with her new little haircut. Don't tell her that because she might do it again!!

  13. Great (well, sad) story! Lucky for you she looks absolutely adorable with her new little haircut. Don't tell her that because she might do it again!!

  14. What a great and feminine solution! Love it.

  15. The haircut and headband sure look cute….and it's a story you'll have forever. I'm with you….I'm wondering how she managed not to cut anything else besides hair. It would have definitely been a different story if an ear had been missing….YIKES!
    Hope this week is filled with less drama. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. At least she did it after the fairy party. That would have been more crazy if something had happened the day of. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Amy @ Living Locurto says

    O-M- G!!! She does look really cute though.

    I got really luck to have caught my daughter in the act and stopped her before she cut the top or back. LOL!


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