How to Make a Ric Rac Crown with Mod Podge

I recently wrote about the Pony Royale party I hosted for my daughter and her friends. The story of the Pony Royale ponies is the ponies are born in the same month as their princesses. I knew that a crown would make a great party favor, but I wanted it to be something special, unique and in keeping with the simple style of the princesses on the video. They have what looks to be a simple gold, low-profile crown with a large birthstone jewel in the center. My inspiration for these ric rac crowns was the Mod Podge lace crowns I have seen floating all over Pinterest. Here is the breakdown of how I created these delicate, comfortable, and IMHO really pretty crowns.

SUPPLIES: (I found most everything at Hobby Lobby)

– Large gold ric rac (I think this is about 1″ wide).

– Gold bead strand spool

– Large plastic gemstones (about 1″)

– Glossy Mod Podge

– paintbrush

– Hot glue gun and gluesticks

1- Measure the ric rac to the appropriate head size. Cut enough lengths of ric rac for each crown.

2- Take one length of ric rac and tacking down the gold beads on one end of the ric rac (but may not right on the end…it might help if you are about 1/2″ in to leave room for the jewel.)

3- Wrap the gold bead around each wave of the ric rac and tack down with hot glue on the other end (again at least 1/2″ in)

4- Lay the lengths of ric rac out on waxed paper.

5- Apply a generous coating of mod podge on top of the ric rac and beads with a paint brush.

It will look like it is turning the beads white, but they will dry clear and shiny.

6- When they are mostly dry, flip them over and apply a layer of mod podge on the other side of the ric rac.

At first I thought these would dry super stiff and would need to be wrapped around a large can or something to dry, but that is not necessary. Just let them dry flat. They will still be very flexible, but they will hold their shape nicely and fit comfortably on the princesses heads.

7- When the strands of ric rac are completely dry, wrap the ric rac around to form a circle and hot glue the ends together. Try and match up the bumps, so it will look like one seamless piece.

8- Hot glue the large jewel right over the seam to hide it.

9- If necessary, trim any extra ric rac poking out from behind the jewel with scissors.

10- Let the glue dry completely.

11- Place the crown on your pretty princess and watch her smile.

Don’t they look pretty on the princesses?

And waiting as a favor for the guests as they arrive at the pony party.

These were easy to make and added that special detail to the party. I’d love to know if you make these crowns for your little princesses.


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  1. Kendra, I love this! I am wanting to make Piper a blue crown for Halloween (she’s going to be ‘the ocean’ [not my idea]). This would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love how these turned out! I’m popping back over to let you know I featured this post in a round up of DIY crowns for International Tiara Day coming up on Friday.


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