Western Themed Blue and Gold Banquet

DIY wagon table for western party

I currently am an assistant Cub Master. Assistant is the operative word here. There is much about Cub Scouts that I still have to learn, but basically, I help make Pack Meeting a party each month. February was our Pinewood Derby (maybe a post to come?), so we are getting ready to have our Blue and Gold Banquet this week. As I am making preparations, I referred to last year’s banquet which was a lot of fun and wanted to share some of what we did with you. We went with a western or cowboy theme for last year’s banquet. We served BBQ sandwiches and chips.

I spent a lot of time on the Chuck Wagon table you see above. In theory it should have been really simple, but to get everything to stay where it was supposed to be was a little harder. We attached PVC poles to both sides of the table with duct tape, I believe, to create the curved top of the “wagon.” We attached a white sheet to give the appearance of a covered wagon. We had to make it a little higher on this side so people would be able to reach in and get their food.

If you love my Patriotic Bandana Tablecloth, I wrote all of the details about it in a couple of earlier posts. The wagon was a bit of work but it was very high impact!


I used old pallets to make some other stations around the room. I don’t have a picture of the jail. This was the watering hole where we served lemonade and water to our thirsty cowboys and their families Western Blue and Gold Banquet (3 of 5)

As awesome as my table and other stations were, the real showstopper of the night was this amazing cake by Pixy Cakes! Tina, the owner, happened to have a son in our pack. We were thrilled when she offered to provide the cake. I sent her some ideas and this is what she came up with.

Western Blue and Gold Banquet (1 of 5)

Much to the surprise of many of the children in attendance, the entire cake is edible! Including the logos for each of the dens. Everyone was in awe!

Western Blue and Gold Banquet (2 of 5)

I had plans to have a photo op for the kids with some western garb. My plans to get hay fell through at the last minute. I was wandering around trying to come up with a plan B when I stumbled across a couple from church who are real cowboys and had a jackpot of western memorabilia decorating their house that the graciously allowed us to use.

Western Blue and Gold Banquet (4 of 5)

As a result, I was able to set up this awesome Photo Booth area. Everyone had a great time being a cowboy/cowgirl for the night.

Western Blue and Gold Banquet (5 of 5)

I edited many of the photos I took with an old faded effect, so they could make believe they had been transported back in time in the Wild Wild west. (Don’t ask me why my son is growing a mustache out of his eyes in this one).

Is your family involved in Scouting? What are the favorite Blue and Gold Banquets you have been to? Any guesses what we are doing this year?

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  1. Hello I am I interested in knowing how to build the covered part of your coveted wagon. We have some 10′ PVC and old flat sheets.

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