Mini Edible Easter Baskets

Easter Basket puff pastry

Inspired by Laura’s salad bowls at our amazing Puff Pastry Brunch, I came up with a perfect little treat for your Easter Celebrations. This mini Easter Basket is edible and can serve as dessert, a favor, and or a special placecard for Easter Brunch or dinner.

puff pastry Easter Basket Title

You make it out of sheets of puff pastry, which makes it fun and light and a lot less labor-intensive than preparing dough from scratch.

Edible Easter basket how to


Mini Edible Easter Baskets


  • Puff Pastry Sheets
  • a little flour for surface
  • brownie bites
  • coconut frosting
  • green food coloring
  • candy-coated chocolate eggs


  1. Start by rolling out the dough on floured surface.
  2. using a sharp knife, cut dough into strips (1/4-1/2in thick)
  3. Roll some of the strips into long "snakes"
  4. Take 3 snakes and braid them together.
  5. Use a long braid to wrap around the base of a cup of an upside-down mini muffin tin
  6. Create the basket weave along the bottom by attaching two strips of flat dough to one side and two strips to the bottom of the cup, perpendicular to the other strips. Use a tiny bit of water to help seal the pieces of dough together.
  7. Weave the strips over and under as shown.
  8. Cut off excess dough and press the ends into the braid with a little water to seal it.
  9. Take a shorter braid and wrap it half-way around another cup of the muffin tin to bend it into a handle shape.
  10. Repeat for as many baskets as you want to make, making sure not to place the baskets next to each other since they will expand while baking.
  11. Bake as directed on the package (about 15 mins.)
  12. Cool
  13. When handles are cool to touch but not totally hard, insert toothpicks on the bottom of either handle.
  14. When set, assemble by placing brownie bite in basket, frosting the brownie with green tinted frosting, and gently slide the toothpicks down into the basket/brownie.
  15. Top with chocolate eggs
  16. If desired, add paper name tag around handle.

puff pastry Easter Basket-9773

This is what the bottom of the basket looks like when baked.

puff pastry Easter Basket-9772

And the pretty braided handle. puff pastry Easter Basket-9775

puff pastry Easter Basket-9778


To turn these into place cards for our Easter feast, I simply cut a strips of paper to size, cut a notch out of the ends, wrote the name on the right edge and looped it through the handle, careful to apply the glue where is wouldn’t get on the food.

puff pastry Easter Basket-9776


What do you think? Wouldn’t everyone be excited to eat their own Easter Basket this Easter?


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  1. This looks delicious! Very cute idea making the mini baskets, this is perfect for serving with desert.

  2. Oh my! This is super cute! <3 Would love to recreate this for a baby shower or a birthday party 🙂


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