Elmo’s World

I think April is a BIG month for birthdays! I have lots of party posts coming up. But I heard a couple of my friends are planning Elmo parties, so I had to share some fun ideas. I found these cupcakes and some other great party ideas on the Hostess Blog.

My sister also told me some fun ideas that her sister-in-law used at their recent party. I think she made big posters that she drew on with crayon to decorate the walls like Elmo’s world, and she had a real “Dorothy” fish in a fishbowl with a party hat, so they would know that Dorothy was thinking about birthdays.

Anyone else have an Elmo party? Feel free to share your ideas!

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  1. I linked to your blog thru Tip Junkie. You have some of the funnest ideas! I am always working on, or planning my next project. Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas!

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