Making Mothers’ Day

I intended to do this post a couple of days ago, but things have been a little nuts, here.  Incase you are still looking for ideas, several of these can be done quickly, and you’ve still got two days, so here are some things you can make for Mothers’ day gifts…

Envelope Mini-Album

My friend, Becky, came up with this idea for us ladies from church (Enrichment).  It is pretty simple and very clever.  Becky had everything precut for us, so it didn’t take us very long to put these together.  This picture is of the one Becky made.  Of course, mine isn’t finished, yet, because I am planning to add some pictures and hybrid-type stuff to it (better get busy, huh?).  I’m planning to use the envelopes to hold pictures, and notes to grandma from each kid, and a small gift.  I will post pictures when mine is all done.  Anyway, Becky put all of the instructions on her blog, so check it out!
Shrinky Something

I’m still planning to do some sort of shrinky something for our mom’s with the two remaining shrinky sheets I have left over from Kira’s Party.  I am still deliberating between keychains, fridge magnets, and some sort of pin/jewelry.  VOTES, please!
Hybrid Journal
I used this idea for Kira’s sleuthing notebook.  This is the prayer journal Emily Giovanni made.  You could use this concept to make a diary, a gratitude journal, or a cute place for a mother of young children to record the funny things her kids do and say (I know I’ve got a ton).  Notebook from Target.  Visit Emily’s blog for the tutorial.

If all else fails, make her these gorgeous cupcakes from the Bakerella blog.  She could hardly be disappointed, and I’ll bet it would cost a lot less than buying flowers with the Mother’s Day mark-ups.  (I am going to play around with her candy melt ideas for other occasions, too.)
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