Nancy Drew Party–Magnifying Glass Cake

So the big Nancy Drew party is over and for the most part was a success (you don’t plan for a party guest to get sick and throw-up…fortunately I haven’t heard of anyone else getting sick from the exposure.) But I thought I would share all of the ideas, incase any of you are insane enough to try a similar party. This post is about the cake and food:

I’m not totally thrilled with how the cake turned out, but it was a fun experiment. Hopefully you can tell that it is supposed to look like a magnifying glass. I tried the checkerboard cake pan, which looked like it was working, but didn’t come out as neatly as the picture on the box. I used lemon and strawberry cake mixes (Nancy likes patterns, after all). And made cupcakes with the left over batter, using three of them as the handle. I was actually going for a purple color with the frosting (like the color the of the fondant letters), but accidentally dumped a ton of red food coloring into the frosting, so it looks like it is chocolate, but it isn’t. I had the most fun playing with the fondant. (btw, I don’t like to eat fondant at all, but my daughter thinks it is great). I rolled out a circle shape of fondant and used a paintbrush to streak some watered-down blue food coloring over the top to give a glass effect. The blue spots on the top are my fingerprints. I actually cleaned some of my rubber stamps and stamped some of the wording on the cake. It reads: “Happy Birthday to a Magnify-cent 7 year old, KIRA.” KIRA is rolled fondant, tinted purple, and cut out with cookie cutters. The border is also rolled fondant. You can tell I had a little trouble with the seams. Does anyone who have much experience with fondant and can give me a tip about how to connect it less obviously?Here is the friday evening spread minus the pigs in a blanket. We did finger foods that looked a little bit fancy, since that is how Nancy would have done it. Infact, the pigs in the blanket idea came from the party scene in the movie.

Lit and ready for a wish!

To read all of the chapters of this Nancy Drew adventure head to this post!

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  1. You are the coolest Mom ever! That is SO cute!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow! I found this in a search for magnifying glass cakes I did because I'm throwing a spy party for my son tomorrow. This is the coolest cake out there! From what you said, things didn't go perfectly, but if you didn't spill the beans no one would ever know! Perfection, I say!

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