Cookies for Nie–UPDATE!

UPDATE: Thanks to some generous and wonderful human beings, both of our sets of cookies have sold! Yea!!! I will share recipes and photos when they ship (Barry probably won’t though–he’s kind of selfish that way). BUT there are still lots of other yummy-sounding cookies availiable, since Landra is extending the sale! But hurry…cause when they’re gone, they’re gone!

So, I had planned to spend more time today promoting the cookie sale, but I have been without internet all day…until now! (I know, kind of like being without oxygen!) I just checked in on Landra’s site, and they have changed from an auction format to a sale format. That means all cookies are just $20. This includes Barry’s magnificent massive mouth-watering molasses cookies. (We just had the sample batch after dinner–YUM!!!) They are yours for $20! Go here now, before someone snatches them up! My Halloween cookies have sold (ya snooze, ya lose!), but there are still lots of really yummy cookies available, and since this is for such a good cause, the calories don’t count! Enjoy!

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  1. The Dinner Belle says

    Kendra! Thanks for checking in on our blog. Of course I know you! And your blog is DARLING. I do have a good recipe for gingerbread – I will post it on my blog. Thanks for the suggestion.

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