Which witch are you?

I had a request for ideas for a witch-themed Halloween party.

Here are a few wickedly good ideas:

We’ll Start with the queen of Halloween…Martha.

She features these great broomstick party favors on her web page.
For more atmosphere, I have a string of lights a lot like these from Target

I made a silhouette, kind of like this one from Martha, several years ago, on black poster board. It’s a little worse for the wear, but looks great in a window from the outside. Especially if there is some mood lighting in the room.

I’m a big fan of dry ice for a spooky effect.

But I am getting ahead of myself. A great party always starts with a great invitation. I had two ideas flying around in my head that I wanted to design for you, (but had to design invitations for my baby’s first birthday party, and a sister-in-law’s baby shower instead, since those are parties that I am really having, and this witches party is just one I am formulating in my head to please you, Erin, and anyone else looking for witchy ideas-maybe I’ll do it next year). My first thought was to design an invitation similar to the rocket one I made for my son’s birthday party (click here), but have the witches silhouette, moving across a big full yellow moon. My second idea was to design a cauldron pouch and write the party information on a piece of card stock shaped like bubbles on a spoon, that could be pulled out of the cauldron. On the front of the cauldron you would write “Something’s brewing”.

But if both of those ideas are too insane or complicated, this is a cute invitation I found here.

Witches do get hungry so here are some ideas for food and drink (potions).

As I mentioned, I am a big fan of dry ice. In this scenario, it would be perfect to make the dry ice root beer in a cauldron and serve with a ladle. But if you are afraid of the dry ice (requires special handling) make some other scary looking green potion.

Or Serve up make-your-own “witches brew pudding”. Gourmet mom shows you how.
Of course you could always serve sand”witches” (get it). Use a cookie cutter to make them witch shaped.

I also think you could make broomsticks with large pretzels and frayed lunch meat tied around one end (use cheesewhiz for glue and a chive to hold in place?).

These cookies I found through Tip Junkie are fun. I would probably make witches’ hats the same way I made construction cones for my son’s truck birthday (see here). Only I would frost the cones with chocolate frosting, and use a large round chocolate cookie.

Some fun activities might include:

pin the wart on the witch
broom relay race
pudding Pictionary (use chocolate pudding to draw Halloween-themed pictures on a dry erase board. MESSY…but really fun!)

Whatever you do…I hope your Halloween is frighteningly fun!

p.s. This is post #99…stay tuned for the big #100!

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  1. Natalie-Little Shindigs says

    Cute witch party ideas, the pin the wart on the witch is the best:)

  2. Oh goodness…those cookie hats are too cute! You are queen of entertaining ideas.

  3. do you know if I can still get instructions from martha’s website on how to make that black witch in the window?

  4. Thank you! You are always so creative I love it! Hope you guys have a great Halloween, stop by if you dont have other plans.

  5. Those witch hat cookies are so cute!

  6. Do you happen to have a metal cauldron? I have a plastic one, but the directions for the witch brew with dry ice says to use a metal bowl??

  7. Thanks!

    Sorry I am so late in responding to questions.

    Allie Cat (or should I call you by your real name??? :-)), I don’t know if they have a template up still. My witch looks different than the one I posted, so I don’t know if I used theirs or found my own clipart. You can enlarge any clip art of a witch on a broom and trace it, or if you have access to a projector, you could project it to butcher paper on the wall and trace the shape. If I find the link, I will let you know.

    Erin, we don’t have one. I’m trying to remember what I did. Either we ignored that and used plastic, or we put a large metal mixing bowl inside the cauldron. We have a bunch of those if you need them. Let me know.

    Hope all of your parties are wickedly fun!

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