Trina’s Insanity–My First Guest Blogger!

I started on my Easter wrap-up posts.  I have them about half ready for you, but then I just ran out of time.

(Here’s a sneak peek and what I’ve been working on).   Have I told you about my April?  Well, after hosting Easter, we had a garage sale last weekend, my daughter’s birthday and baptism are this week, My Miracle Workers (parents) have come to town for the baptism, and of course, some serious home improvement projects (giving me lots more material to be behind on in blogging), and next week, I am directing a childrens‘ musical, that is still only about 2/3 of the way blocked.   And I’m craft director for girls camp this summer and am supposed to be working on that right now, too.
So if I have a pulse on May 1, I will consider that a success and will be a happy camper.  That means, I really have to take a mini blogging break (remember the pulse thing) until May.  But it kills me to leave you my lovely loyal readers high and dry when there are so many fabulous ideas to be shared.   So I began to think about getting a guest blogger to fill in for me for just a little while.   But it couldn’t be just any blogger.  It needed to be someone who is insane, like me!  So while trying to think about other crazy people who might be willing to share their insanity with you all, I couldn’t think of any crazier than those who share my DNA.  (I swear it’s genetic.)
Let me introduce you to my sister, Trina:
Here she is showing off her cute, new hair-do, after donating an insane amount of her hair to charity.  And no, she doesn’t look a lot like me, but contrary to what my sisters told her, she was not adopted (true story).  She is mom to 4 boys, and wife to a great guy, Guy.  She’s all those things a crazy mom is, plus a fantastic cake decorator, party planner, artist, home project person, writer, and more.  She has been contemplating throwing her hat into the blogging arena, so if you would love to read more from her, leave her (um…me,…how about…us),  lots of comments and let her know it.
So now you know a little about Trina, but this isn’t your first introduction to her insanity.
Remember these cakes (and this one, and this one)?  She made those!  She’s amazing with fondant!  And remember this great party?  She is great at boy birthday parties!  Any of you with young boys are going to want to pay attention.  Here’s just a quick peek at some of what is coming up.  Yeah!  It’s going to be good!
So my final question is, are you going to want to hear about my Earthy Easter in May, or should I save it for next Spring.  Au revoir.
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  1. I would love to see more boy party ideas! Sounds like you are one BUSY woman! A blogging break is good for everyone every now in then!

  2. okay so I just came to your blog because of the baby shower idea that had been highlighted on Living Locurto…now I’m hooked on your blog. I want to hear about it all! Boy birthday parties–Earthy Easters! All of it!
    You’re inspiring!
    Kelly O.
    skotten at distributel dot net

  3. Oh my gracious. Those kinds of months are nuts. I think you should blog as you are inspired. If you want to move on in May, then you are ahead of the game for next year. However, next year you will do something grand as well, so…..hmmmmmm. Whatever works.

  4. Kendra and Trina,

    Just for the record I was the one that suggested Trina be a guest blogger because I know how cool she is! I am looking forward to seeing what you blog about Trina!

    Love the cutest and youngest sister,

  5. DV- Rebecca L. says

    Easter please 🙂

  6. I would love to hear about your Easter…so please do share.
    I hear you on how crazy april is. Mine is about the same- We are taking our son to the MTC tomorrow.
    And yes, I’m crazy, couldn’t sleep, so here I’m reading your lovely blog-
    Thanks for all the inspiration.
    Have a wonderful day.

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