Summer Giveaway–Make Lemonade!

Does anything say “Summer” better than a Lemonade Stand?  The ladies at Paper & Cake recently shared with me their answer to the summer doldrums… a Lemonade Stand to beat all lemonade stands!  What a great way to kick off our week of Summer Fun Giveaways!

Their printable kit comes with all the paper items you see below, plus instructions on how to put together an easy, charming stand!  Check it out!:
Of course, this kit would be great for a summer party, as well as a lemonade stand.  If you are looking for a different feel for your summer festivities, check out their Nautical-themed party set!
And now for the exciting news…
Not one…not two…but three of you 
will win your choice of ANY single item from the Paper & Cake shop.
To enter, simply leave me a comment below and tell me if you or your children ever have made a lemonade stand.
For a BONUS entry: visit the Paper & Cake shop and in a separate comment, tell me which party you would choose if you were one of the winners.
  • Please make sure your email address is easily found in your comment or in your profile, so I can contact you if you win!
  • Please leave a separate comment for each entry!
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  1. Kim @ Frost Me! says

    love the lemonade stuff!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia says

    I already follow their blow and they never disapoint. I love the lemonade and think it would be really cute for a baby shower too.
    I also love their Thanksgiving set, and the Mystery party

  3. other-option says

    These are so adorable. My little one is too young to have a lemonade stand – bet definitely will in the future!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  4. other-option says

    If I won I'd choose the Race Car Printable Birthday Party.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  5. I have Never had a lemonade stand. Can you believe that??? I am determined to have one with my boys when they get a little older!

  6. I never had a lemonade stand as a kid! I dont have children yet, but im sure when i have children we will have a lemonade stand, it looks so fun!

  7. If I win, I would pick the French Circus! It is PERFECT for my little boys 1st birthday!

  8. If I won, I'd choose the Lemonade printable party!

  9. Scrap Happy says

    My girls have actually done a lemonade stand a couple of times outside our house- after Halloween they had one and sold a bunch of their candy along with the lemonade and did pretty well! If they had that cool banner hanging above them I'm sure they could make a killing!

  10. Anonymous says

    My three kids all have done lemonade stands. Multiple times. Along with an apple cider stand, veggie stand, and even black walnuts! Our neighbors are kind and generous and have supported them throughout their "stand" careers. One summer, the whole crew of straw balers came and they got a $20 bill. Talk about memories. The funniest was last year when they remembered the black walnuts and laughed until they cried because they sold two bags for 75 cents a piece and were realizing that the neighbors supported them WAY BEYOND the norm. Or, the time when they charged $1 for 5 green beans. My kids are now 20, 18, and 16 and now stop at EVERY kid's stand and support them!

    Dawn the1869farm(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. I remember when I was little I had my dad build me a small table with something like a picture frame on top to serve as the "window" of the lemonade stand. I painted a sign myself that said lemonade 10 cents. I also sold fresh fruit like cherries, black berries, raspberries from our gardens that I picked myself. Too bad we lived on a farm and my only customers were my parents and my grandparent who lived next door. Oh and my dog haha. But its the memories that count and mean everything!


  12. Sadly I never made a lemonade stand. My cousin and I made and sold our own chocolates from door to door out of my grandma's wagon. The didn't taste very good but we had a blast.

  13. I would love the retro Hawaiian stuff. So much fun to be had with that.

  14. I would love the ocean life one or the space party so mauch great stuff!!!

  15. I had kool aid stands when I was young. My kids have had one stand but not many people live near us so they did not sell much

  16. We have had a few lemonade stands but, never as cute as this one!

  17. TotalBliss says

    Ohhh… I love the Dinner for Two! (As brand new parents, this would be perfect for a romantic night in!)

  18. We just moved to a rural neighborhood, so no lemonade stand. But I have an soon to be 9 year old daughter who would love it as a theme for a party for her! 🙂

  19. The FIESTA would be awesome as we having a Mexican themed party at the end of the month! 🙂

  20. Josh and Emily says

    I had a lemonaid stand as a kid and I always stop to buy some whenever I pass a stand.

  21. We are planning on doing a lemonade stand this summer so this would be perfect!!

  22. Josh and Emily says

    I think the lemonaid one looks good, espcially because it comes with a lemonaid recipe.

  23. suburban prep says

    These are just grand!!
    My nephews just recently set up shop at the end of their driveway. They get a bunch of people going up an ddown the street and they love selling their lemonade.
    nsgb245 at gmail dot com

  24. suburban prep says

    The Sail Away party is beyond cute.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  25. Jerri-Lea says

    Haven't made a lemonade stand yet… but with a prize like that we'd do it in a heartbeat!

  26. No lemonade stands here but I am totally inspired!

  27. I would love the back to school kit, I am starting a preschool from home and this would be awesome!

  28. I used to have a lemonade stand growing up that my sisters and I would run every summer. When my kids get old enough I hope to pass the tradition on.


  29. I would probably choose the pirate printable birthday set, but I also really like the race car birthday set.

  30. Angie Spiker says

    Oh my! So cute!! I actually made more money with my lemonade stand as a kid than my mom did at her yard sale the same day!!

  31. Angie Spiker says

    I would love to have the Alice in Wonderland theme!! SO fun!

  32. I LOVE Paper & Cake!! I purchased their pirate party for my son's 5th bday and it turned out great!

    I'd like to purchase the bird's nest baby shower kit – it's beautiful!

  33. My son's been begging me to have a lemonade stand lately. This would be PERFECT!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Anonymous says

    we live wayyyy out in the country, so no lemonade stand for us. We do, however, sip lemonade and sweet tea on the back porch, admiring the beautiful view 🙂

  35. Anonymous says

    I am sooooo hoping to win…planning my kiddo's pirate and princess b-day party for September. I would LOVE to win the pirate printables 🙂

  36. d.stoops says

    I was determined to have a lemonade stand as a child. Finally, after much naggin, my parents gave in. After being in business for all of two hours, I still had no customers. Turns out, having a lemonade stand on a busy street during afternoon rush hour is not ideal.

    To this day, I stop by every lemonade stand I pass. That's tough work!

    Love your blog.

    -Danielle (

  37. Jen @ says

    Oh my goodness – so fun! I love everything she does!!

    I would love that lemonade kit. I will put it on my sidebar!


  38. Makalani Adolpho, PLC says

    New follower. My children have never made a lemonade stand.

  39. Susan Crabtree says

    my kids love having a lemonade stand ( of course, we won't have one again until fall because it is TOO hot here in the summer!) love paper & cake-they have such cute printable designs!

  40. We love to have lemonade stands! We are going to do some this summer at our house and grandma's to raise money for SGK 3 Day.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Amanda.russell @

  41. I love their products! My fav is the lemonade stand. So cute!


    amanda.russell @

  42. my kids love setting up stands in the front yard! Last summer they set up a beauty shop, and art gallery. Usually their only customer is Grandma who lives 2 doors down, but they have fun. They keep asking me to have a lemonade stand, maybe we'll have to try it this year.

  43. I thought for sure I would choose the lemonade stand if I win, but after looking at their site I would have a hard time deciding. The game day looks fun, or pink camo, or mystery…so many choices! But I would probably still go with the lemonade stand

    amberalyse @

  44. Katie's Nesting Spot says

    I haven't had one with my daughter but I remember having them when little. We have little neighbors set them up all the time and they always make me smile.

  45. Katie's Nesting Spot says

    These are gorgeous!!! I am so glad you featured them, I love how complete their sets are. No thinking involved. The Lemonaide Stand is my favorite but if I won I'd probably get the Fairy Wonderland Printable Birthday Party. I can think of one little one who'd love it!

  46. Beth Ann says

    No lemonade stand yet, my children are to young, however we have purchased from many!

  47. I would Love to win. That is the cutest lemonade stand ever!! My boys have never done a lemonade stand only snowcones. They would love it.

  48. I would still choose the lemonade stand, but I love the back to school package too.

  49. Jennifer says

    I currently live in the country, so my children have never had the opportunity to make a lemonade stand, but my friends & I used to make one every summer when we were kids.

  50. Jennifer says

    I would love to use the Lemonade Stand party kit for a fun summer party or for one of my MOPS gatherings.

  51. Girl with the Curlz says

    Such a cute giveaway. All are so adorabel but I would probablly choose the lemonade.

  52. We have never made a lemonade stand, but the kids have asked. I'm waiting for them to get a little older.

    kristen_yeh (at) yahoo (dot) com

  53. I would choose the Green Camo Adventure Printable Birthday Party

    kristen_yeh (at) yahoo (dot) com

  54. seemommyknit says

    No lemonade stand yet-but soon!! This would be perfect for their first one!

  55. seemommyknit says

    Very tough choice-but I'm leaning toward Alice & wonderland unbirthday set-wouldn't that be a great impromtu party?!

  56. We were just talking about doing a lemonade stand today! This would be perfect!


  57. My son has done a couple of lemonade stands, actually. Loves them. He's 10 and would do one every day if he could. LOVES talking to people!!!

  58. I once made a Kool-aid stand, but I think we ended up just drinking it all! I love seeing kids with lemonade stands, I'm always sure to buy a cup full.


  59. Kendra Goodrich says

    I did a kool aid stand when I was little and was very unsuccessful. But me and my siblings did have a lot of fun drinking all that kool aid!

  60. Kendra Goodrich says

    I love all the fun boy set, the camo, pirates, cars…..

  61. I love her game day set. Makes me think of my boys!

  62. After thinking over childhood memories…I can't think of once that I had a lemonade stand. Definately have to make it a memory for my girls!

  63. amy, jared, tavin says

    I love the lemonade idea. We love lemonade in the summer and I love all the other ideas to go with it. My kids are too young still, but I was thinking of having a lemonade stand at our garage sale and what a cute stand!

  64. amy, jared, tavin says

    I would probably choose the lemonade, but my 3year old loves pirates, but I don't know. So many cute choices to choose from.

  65. We have never had a lemonade stand. Only bake sales experience for me.

  66. Christina Stephens says

    I remember my sister and I having a lemonade stand when we were little…but I can't say it was much of a success!! Maybe one day, my daughter will have her own!

  67. Christina Stephens says

    I would choose the Lavender and Toile Printable Baby Shower kit!! It's gorgeous and would look amazing for my friend's baby shower that I'm hosting in September!!

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