Thanksgiving Wrap-up

I know you are all so “over” Thanksgiving and in the middle of Christmas shopping and prep.  But in an attempt to feed my denial that Christmas is less than a month away and that I am turning another year older this week, I’m going to relive our fun Thanksgiving celebration and pretend it isn’t almost time to flip that calendar for the last time in 2010.
We were fortunate to get to spend Thanksgiving with much of my side of the family in Utah, this year.  Even more fortunate is that we survived our travels to and from Utah despite lots of winter weather.  My sister, Trina, who has contributed to this blog before, hosted the meal, and joined in my insanity when it came to decorating and styling the meal.  The best thing about our styling?  We spent almost no money on the entire set-up!
This is the appetizer/dessert table.  We thought it would be nice to have a few munchies on hand for the kids (and big kids), since–inevitably–it takes a while to get all of the main dishes ready at the same time.  I love the banner!  We got the kids in on this project and let them glue the seeds on the letters that Trina free-handed.  (She did the cool leaf too!).  We alternated poppy seeds, mustard seeds, parsley, coriander, and something else I am forgetting, to form the letters.
We punched holes and threaded the paper through green raffia ribbon that Trina had on hand.  All of the seeds came from her pantry, and the paper from her scrapbook supply.
I had visions of covering the entire table with logs to hold the pies, but was only able to convince my husband to bring in this one appropriately-sized log from the woodpile.  Trina picked up the baskets from the dollar section at Michaels.  They worked well to hold things (like the grapes in front), or turned over as platforms for the various yummy pies that my sister, Serena, made.  I’m not sure how I convinced my mom and Serena to make the bread cornucopias (they are both a bit more practical than I am), but I loved them, and thought they were a great place to put the crudités (grape tomatoes were added later) for the guests to munch on.  I can’t remember where I first saw the bread cornucopia idea.  Leave me a comment, if you know who I should credit!  My mom just used her roll recipe that she was already making.  They formed a cone out of aluminum foil and stuffed it with crumpled aluminum foil so it would keep it’s shape while baking.  I think it had already been eaten on the picture on the left, but she made a little dough braid to finish off the edge of each cornucopia.  The other yummy appetizer is the stuffed date platter BSB made.  They had blue cheese, bacon, and shallots and were enjoyed by all of the big kids.
At the table, we filled vases with grains and beans, inspired by some of the ideas Chris shared @ Celebrations at Home.  I would have liked to have had more vases and more candles, but as it was, it provided a simple, FREE centerpiece.  We used my brown satin tablecloths (recognize them from this event?) and made “table runners” out of a roll of kraft paper that Trina had on hand.  We also used the paper to cover the kids’ table and allowed them to color right on the table.
We dressed up the runners by stamping this pretty leaf design along the edges in brown ink.  My 9-year-old actually did most of the stamping, and did a good job.  It was a nice way to bridge the gap between the fancy satin tablecloth beneath, and the casual paper runner.
Trina had collected some acorns, and if the weather hadn’t been so cold, I would have loved to go back and collect armfuls more to use in our decorating!  Instead, I featured the ones she had as the place cards.  I made rustic napkin holders with raffia.  I hot-glued the acorn cap to its base (they were all coming off), wrote names with a fine point Sharpie marker, and hot glued the acorn to the raffia.  I like the splash of green from the IKEA napkins (which were left over from the fairy party).
We ended up with two kid tables.  One for the school-aged kids, and a tiny one for our pre-school aged munchins.   I dressed up their plain white tableware with stamps.  I used regular ink to stamp the brown leaf on the cup, but I used food coloring on the plate, to make sure it wouldn’t be toxic to eat off from the plates.  I want to experiment more with this.  I found it worked better when I mixed the coloring with a little cornstarch.
But the big hit were these goody filled logs with squirrels perched on top!  The printable came from Martha Stewart.  Not only were these great placecards, but also a good bribe to get the kids to try all of their food before they got to see what was inside their special log.
While I’m still feeling thankful, and since you are all burning up your computers with your cyber-shopping today, I want to say “thank you” to my side-bar sponsors, and remind you to check them out for your holiday shopping.  I’ve picked some of my favorites that they offer below.
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  1. Kim @ Party Frosting! says

    adorable! I love all the details! (and I agree with your pie thoughts! lol)

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. Rebecca Talley says

    Wow, you are very creative. I'm totally lame–I never decorate like this. I should try it.

  3. Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts says

    Looks great! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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