Spa Day Party – Favors and Food

  Along with their decorated flip flops, our spa party guests got to take home an assortment of fun bath and beauty supplies that didn’t break the bank.
The highlight was meant to be these homemade bath fizzies, my daughter and I made following these directions from Martha Stewart. I will warn you that they didn’t all turn out the way we wanted them too. It was hard to add coloring and they didn’t have a lot of fizz left in them, when we tried them out. The last batch my daughter put together completely disintegrated when we took them out of the molds, so instead of tins full of butterfly shapes, everyone got a few of these, plus a bag of “fizzing bath salts.” These also weren’t terribly cheap to do, by the time you buy all of the supplies.
Still, I really love the idea and think a lot of the problems may have been because of user error. I’m hoping to experiment more with these, and perhaps make some for Christmas gifts, if we can get them to work a little better, since we still have all of the supplies. Martha has more recipes for soaps and lip balm, etc.
The tins and the rest of our supplies came from the dollar spot at Target! It was great, because they had manicure kits, and we were able to use the toe separators, etc. in the “spa” and package up the other tools, along with some shiny lip gloss and small bottles of nail polish. I put them all in clear plastic favor bags and tied them with the same spool of metallic ribbon I used on the piñata and the flip flops.
The one thing I was disappointed about with these, was that I ran out of time to do some party branding on them. I planned to create labels for the tins and nail polish bottles that looked a bit like the logo I put on the invitations. I’m sure the girls didn’t care, but I could think of so many fun ways to brand this party, and just didn’t have time to do them.


When all the pampering was done (one more post to follow about that part), the guests came down for an elegant salad bar dinner. It may seem like an odd choice for a kid’s party, but my daughter requested it, and I thought it was perfect. Spas are know for serving healthy fair, plus, by doing it as a salad bar, I didn’t have to worry about catering to picky eaters–they could take exactly what they were willing to eat.
Have you ever made homemade bath or beauty products? I’d love to know about your successes or challenges. I made a chocolate body scrub for our chocolate-themed gourmet group dinner, that I thought turned out really well. I think this kind of thing can make great gifts, don’t you?
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  1. vinita johnson says

    Hello I would love your template for the polish bottles. I am planning a spa baby shower for my daughter and these are such adorable invites. I love things that are different! I am not computer wizard so can you tell me how to make print up the information for the cards..
    Thank you for any help you can offer!


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