Top 5 Holiday Tipsy’s

I am totally excited to be here on My Insanity! I had the pleasure of meeting Kendra at Creative Estates and she is all sorts of fun!
Hi, I’m Michelle from…
I love to share creative projects that can be done on a time and money budget. I also host a weekly DIY Under $5 party. I love Nutella, despise all things cherry and refuse to accept that popcorn is not a meal.
But, enough about me, let’s talk holiday! Kendra and I decided it would be fun to share a round up of our top five favorite holiday projects, so here we go!
Fave Five Tipsy Holiday Ideas:
1. Burlap Holly {gift topper or home decor}
2. DIY Christmas Tree

3. Once there was a Snowman, Snowman

5. Neighbor Gift {We “tissue” a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!}

A big thanks to Kendra for letting me drop in and feel free to visit us over at A Little Tipsy anytime!
Thanks so much, Michelle! Great ideas! I especially like the “healthy new year” gift, because we all need that! You can find my Top 5 crazy Christmas Cards over on A Little Tipsy today!
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