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baby boy-7

We finally found out what baby #5 will be this week (and it isn’t an alien…yea!). There wasn’t time (or energy) for a full gender reveal party, but I felt I wanted to do something special to break the news to my children. So here is what we did.

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They had known I was going in for an ultrasound that day, but with a lot of other events going on at school had forgotten until they walked into the house and saw these ultrasound pictures taped to the back side of a display board that had been previously used for a science fair project.

baby boy-2

If the big kids looked closely enough at the pictures from the ultrasound they would see the gender of their new sibling, but if not, behind the board they found these balloons and knew for sure that the baby is…

baby boy-4

a BOY!

baby boy

I had actually planned to put all of the balloons in a big box for them to open like a present and have them fly out as they opened it, but I just didn’t have any big enough boxes on hand. I made sure there was a balloon for each of them, plus the cute mylar one that would spell it out.

baby boy-5

I will admit we were all a bit surprised. According to our pattern, #5 should have been a girl. But we are excited to get to meet this little guy in July! In the meantime, I am taking baby boy name suggestions. I’m looking at 2-syllable names that aren’t in the Top 100 popularity-wise. Any favorites for me?

Also, there are so many adorable baby girl things to fall in love with. I am having a harder time finding baby boy stuff that I can’t live with out. Send me your favorite links and vendors. I would love to do a big baby boy giveaway as we get closer to baby time featuring stylish, original items for boys! Cute stuff might help me forget that I am still feeling rather crummy even though I am past the half-way mark of this pregnancy. So we’ll call it retail therapy. Can you help me out? It’s been 4 years since we last did this. What are the coolest baby must-haves that have come out since then?

Have you ever done something fun or special to reveal the gender of your baby to your loved ones? I’d love it if you’d share your ideas in the comments!

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  1. My son Xander won’t mind if you use his name. His full name is Xander Benjamin, and my SIL named HER son AleXander Benjamin! So I call them both Xander and laugh about it.

    • The funny thing is that my youngest son is named Alec, so if I had a Xander, together they would be…AlecXander! 🙂

  2. We have a Sawyer. That name has become more popular but I didn’t see it on the current 100 list.

  3. Also, I suspect that we are having another boy in August. If so we are naming him Spencer McKay.

  4. Amos, Simon and Titus were three names I loved when we were considering names for our boy. Of course we ended up with Nathan just like my BFF, his BFF, my SIL, and half the country. =)

  5. I’m so glad I saw your post! We’re expecting baby #6 and will find out what we’re having on Monday!! This was such a fun and simple way to reveal the gender. We already have 4 boys (Tyler, Derek, Benjamin and Jacob), so if this next baby is a boy…I’m all out of names!

  6. I have 4 boys and wanted to steer clear of trendy names at all cost. We have Alexander, Dominic, Joseph, and Anthony (AJ). Not all 2 syllable names, but strong classics nonetheless.

  7. If you are looking for something a little different in the 2 syllable boy name arena, here are some ideas:

    Owen, Porter, Ian, Garrett – just off the top of my head

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