Glam Easter Eggs with Metallic Tattoos

glam metallic tattoo easter eggs-9807

I had a moment of bloggy brilliance last Easter, inspired by the butterfly-tattooed Easter eggs from a previous year, and my love of adding a little gold bling to everything these days whenever possible.  glam metallic tattoo easter eggs-9788

I figured that if other temporary tattoos would stick to colored eggs, then the metallic tattoos I had picked up at a favorite things party, would be the perfect way to glam-up this year’s eggs.

glam metallic tattoo easter eggs-9803

I simply dyed my eggs with solid colors to the desired intensity. Both neons and pastels can work well with gold. I went more neon, but played with getting a little bit of an ombre effect on some eggs. Then I picked the best tattoos for each egg. The peacock feather was perfect on the bright blue.

glam metallic tattoo easter eggs-9800

You know I love pink with gold, so used a chunky bracelet-style tattoo to wrap around this egg.

glam metallic tattoo easter eggs-9798

The word “dream” looks dreamy on the pale pink and white egg.  glam metallic tattoo easter eggs-9791

Apply the tattoos according to the directions. Just try and be really careful not to move the tattoo around while it is adhering. Chances are you will end up with a little wrinkling, but that just makes it look like gold foil, right?

Easter is coming early this year! What do you have planned? I have a bunches of fresh Easter ideas in the archives if you are looking for more inspiration!


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  1. Awesome tattoos! Do you mind if I share

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