The Love Bug Ball–A Valentine’s Party for Kids!

If your kids want more than their class Valentine’s party to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you might consider throwing a “Love Bug Ball.”





Party Specs:

Invitations are made by cutting large heart shapes (folded in half) out of red cardstock. Use a slightly smaller white heart glued inside the red heart, for the party info inside. The hearts should be upside-down when you put on the information. I used Close to My Heart acryllic alphabet stamps. The nice thing about using these for invitations, is that once you have spelled everything out on the acryllic block, you can quickly stamp all of the invitations.

The exterior of the bug is made by stamping black hearts on the red cardstock, attaching a folded black circle for the head, and attaching the curled wire antennae.











Fun and Favors:
I started the party with a craft from Oriental Trading Co. I will admit that they didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped with the wimpy adhesive they sent. You may want to experiment with age appropriate crafts before hand. Each child also got a pair of love bug antenna also from Oriental Trader. Here are my little “lovebugs”:














We then put on music and danced. Young kids love to dance and really enjoyed it! My playlist included (affiliate links):

You don’t need to do a lot of food if kids are going to be busy dancing and crafting, but there are many fun food ideas for Valentines Day. Here are a few:
Check out the Cheezy Ritz Ladybug from Kraft foods.

Or these Oreo ladybugs:

Here is a fresh option from Family Fun.

This could end up being more fun than all that mooshy romance stuff that everyone else is doing for Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!

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