Cookies are painted!

Just a quick post to say that the Hand-Painted Halloween Butter Cookies for the “Cookies for Nie Sale” and for my 100th post give away are all painted. Don’t worry, I will post recipes and tips soon for any of you who are crazy enough to try these at home.

It was also our church Halloween party tonight and between drumming up a last-minute costume for me, and finding all of the parts to my son’s costume (Note to self: No more costumes with lots of parts), it’s been a pretty crazy day! The kids looked great, though. I will post some pics, soon. All of this craziness has to stop if I’m ever going to have enough time to blog about all of this craziness.

UPDATE:  For cookie recipe and instructions go here!


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  1. Those turned out adorably!

  2. Blissful Babe says

    How fabulous!!!
    Gosh, just to have the TIME it takes to do the cookies! I could totally have a bubble bath. Heck… a shower!

  3. Those look beautiful! I tried to scratch and sniff the computer screen but it didn’t work. Can’t wait for them to arrive! Thanks again for the yummy giveaway! By the way the Witches Night Out party was perfect!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try the painted cookies for a while so now I will check this out and I might even drop my challenge/duel with you for a while.

  5. These look awesome!!

  6. she wears flowers says

    Wow! These are great–you got mad skills!

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