Kid-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas

So we’ve talked about some fun you can have with your husband and friends this year, and some ideas for cute school valentines (& I keep finding more online), but Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, and so there is a long weekend to spend with kids who may want to do more to celebrate the occasion. Here are a few things I have done with my kids in the past:
1. Throw a kid’s Valentine party. Saturday might be a great time to have a few friends over for a Valentine’s celebration. Our theme was “The Love Bug Ball” and they had a great time!

2. Baking! My kids love to get creative in the kitchen. A cake like this one is simple to make if you have a heart-shaped pan.
And of course, they love decorating sugar cookies or cupcakes. It would be fun to pick a few friends, and deliver goodies to them anonymously. (You know, the old ring the doorbell and run thing). That might help make this holiday about showing love rather than romance, for the kiddos.
3. Other fun Food. Last year we made these heart-shaped pizzas, and they were really fun. You could also use refrigerated biscuit dough, and make mini ones. Kids love choosing their own toppings.

Even if they don’t always choose the bell peppers, but don’t they make cute hearts?
This year I am thinking about family fondue on Sunday, and beginning the day with these pink pancakes, from Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious book. Anyone tried these? Are they yummy or just pink?
Crafts and fun:
Target is carrying these mailboxes again this year (though they may be sold out). They are fun to decorate, but especially to use to leave little love notes to each other or goodies, even before Valentines Day. Our plan, next week, is to have the kids write something nice about each other, each day, and leave it in their box. Yes, we are trying to work on getting along better!
We also made these wax paper hearts from Martha Stewart, last year. They survived storage, and look lovely hanging in our window again. This is a fun project to do with the kids, and looks nice enough that you won’t be afraid to display it.
What are you doing with your kids this year? Any Valentines plans or projects?
Don’t forget to link up to our progress report party. I KNOW you got something accomplished in January! It can be just one think, like a furniture makeover, or a craft you had been procrastinating. I’m counting on you guys to help me stay motivated!
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  1. I love it ALL! We are doing heart shaped pizzas this year and I had never thought about the red peppers!! So cute. I think I will do that on top of my salad!!

  2. I love the Valentine's ideas! Thanks. Here are some things I've done with my kids this year:

  3. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says

    great ideas i love the heart shaped pizza so cute

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  5. fun4families says

    love the heart shaped pizza.. some more good ideas here:

  6. Southern Fried Gal says

    Cute ideas! I'm linking to this post on my blog today! Thank you for the inspiration!

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