Scooby-Doo Halloween

I couldn’t jump into the line-up of holiday posts I have coming your way without reporting on Halloween 2014.

Scooby Doo Halloween 2014


Zoinks! Jeepers and Jinkies! It’s the gang from Scooby-Doo! We continued our tradition of family Halloween Costumes this year by dressing up as Scooby and his friends. The slightly spooky storylines make it a perfect Halloween theme! My kids found the new Scooby Doo episodes on Netflix recently and got really into them. That, plus the fact that my sister-in-law had some of the costumes we could borrow, helped Scooby to win out over all of the other candidates we considered for our family’s theme this year.

Scooby Doo costume



Our Scooby loved being a big talking dog!

Shaggy costume



We let his hair grow out so it would be pretty “Shaggy” for the occasion. He didn’t have any trouble getting into character.

Daphne costume

Having red hair made her a natural fit for Daphne. We re-used the bump-it we bought from her Candace Costume and put together the rest of the outfit from things in her closet and Goodwill shopping.

Velma Costume

This girl was not excited about being Velma, initially. If she couldn’t be Daphne, she wanted to be a monster. But I knew she would make a much cuter Velma than I. I think the wig sealed the deal and she was excited about her costume from then on. Between the wig and the glasses, people didn’t recognize her.

Fred and mummy costume

Look! Fred trapped a baby mummy! I had thought to make some random mummy costume for the baby like mine, but when I found this easy-to-wear mummy suit for cheap at Walmart, I went for it. I love how it looks very cartoonish, like Scooby Doo. That is one cute and happy mummy! I talked Fred into yellow hair paint the first time we dressed up, but he did not like the orange color it turned his hair, so he went without on Halloween.

Oreo eyeball cake


We took this fun oreo eyeball cake to our Halloween party. I was inspired by a similar one I found via Pinterest. It reminded me of all of the times in Scooby Doo when they end up in the dark and you can just see eyeballs. I made it from a Duff Tie-Dye cake mix, to create a wild. colorful surprise when it was cut open.

Scooby Doo Halloween-1


For the church trunk or treat, I whipped up some mummy cupcakes. I just used skittles for eyeballs, adding a black circle with an edible marker. Then I piped random strips of white frosting across the cupcake faces. Bonus: These are mummies! They are supposed to look messy, so you can decorate them in a hurry!




I could not get a picture of our trunk at the trunk or treat before it was invaded by hordes of miniature candy-eating zombies (and Elsa’s), so these photos are from when I did a mock staging in my house before hand. You can read about how I made the Mystery Machine backdrop here. IMG_7451



I used the glow in the dark footprints to lead the way to our blacklit trunk. The footprints, eyeballs, glowsticks we handed out and more came from Oriental Trading Company.

Scooby Doo Halloween-7516

Scooby Doo Halloween-7527



Of course, I was the mummy! It was much easier to emphasize the dark circles under my eyes this year, than to try and hide them. My costume was really simple in concept, but kind of challenging to attach and wear. I kept falling apart as I was walking around. Ah well, it was just part of my evil plan to take over Halloween.

Scooby Doo Halloween-7519

And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for these meddling kids!

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  1. Susan McNeely says

    I continue to be amazed by your creativity. What fun family traditions you have.

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