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I promised you that I had another surprise for the kids for the morning that we left for Disneyland and here it is!

Disney Travel Baskets

I set these baskets up for them the night before so they could come down the stairs and discover them. Honestly, it felt a bit like Christmas morning.

Disney travel kits-6119

So why give the kids presents when going to Disneyland is a huge present in and of itself?

Good question. Here is why I did it:

  • To build enthusiasm. This trip was a big deal for our family and not likely to be oft repeated (unfortunately). I wanted to make a big fuss so they realized that.
  • With all of that built up excitement, traveling in the car for 6+ hours wasn’t going to be an easy thing. I usually like to give them a couple of new activity books or games before a long road trip. The novelty helps keep their attention for longer.
  • Some of the items are practical–water bottles with their names on them minimize squabbles. I also gave each child an autograph book/smash book as a place to record their memories.
  • Hopefully buying a lot of cheap Disney-themed merchandise before hand, would minimize the need to buy a lot of expensive Disney-themed merchandise at the park (notice I didn’t say eliminate).

Disney travel kits-6124

I put these together on the cheap. Most of the the components–including the baskets and water bottles–came from Dollar Tree. The notebooks and some of the other filler items, I found at Michaels. I designed a basic mouse ear shape on my Silhouette and cut large mouse ears for the baskets and small ears for the notebooks. I downloaded the font Waltograph and cut my words out of gold vinyl (white would also be cute).

Disney travel kits-6116

While anything that they might see at Disneyland was fair game for the baskets, I tried to theme them a bit to the favorites of each child. For example I knew my older son was going to really want to participate in the jedi training and love the Star Tours ride. So Most of his basket was Star Wars merchandise.

Disney travel kits-6117

Of course, the 5-year-old was all about the princesses, with some Minnie Mouse and fairies thrown in for good measure. The youngest was a mixture of Mickey Mouse and Cars! Inside Disney baskets

Here is a closer look at some of the basket contents. The hardest this was trying to make the baskets evenly filled, while buying different things for each one. I found tons of different PEZ dispensers at Michaels, so there was a perfect one for each child. I was so proud of the hot dog gum find (“Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!”), but it is actually a strong cinnamon gum, so the kids didn’t like it.  Disney travel kits-6129

If you are traveling by air, you could do something similar, but on a smaller scale in a large ziplock bag.

Disney travel kits-6130 And in case you were wondering, I think these were a big hit!


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  1. Love it! We did something very similar before our big Cars Land trip this summer. Instead of buckets ours were just backpacks! Super fun! Love the themed baskets!

  2. Such a cute idea! We’ve always given them T-shirts to wear and a pair or two of Disney pjs, but never thought of getting such fun stuff for the drive! Great ideas! (p.s. Have you seen the Trekaroo website? They’re doing a big Disney week this week too and you can write reviews for each individual ride. If you do 10 reviews and give helpful hints and tips and fill out an online form you’ll get $10 to amazon. If you have time…). http://blog.trekaroo.com/disney-week-write-disney-reviews-get-rewarded/

  3. Thank you very much for posting this! I’ll be going to Disneyland with family for a 5 year old’s birthday, his first time there and also his sister’s. It’s a surprise, but I wanted to have something in the hotel room when they arrive (I’ll get there first) so they’d get excited about going. I don’t think they even know what Disneyland is!

    • You might be surprised. I guess I had started showing them a little bit about it before, but I think kids just know. Did you see the way my five-year-old jumped and squealed in the video when we told them about the trip. I think they see it in commercials or hear their friends talk about it.

      • I didn’t see the video; I’ll have to check it out. I was talking to someone on Easter Sunday and mentioned, in this child’s presence, that we’re going to Disneyland. He didn’t even flinch. Either he wasn’t paying attention or he didn’t know I was talking about him or he didn’t know what I meant. He knows the characters but I don’t know if he’s seen the commercials. Anyway, he’ll get excited once we’re there, I’m sure of that! Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Danielle says

    How did you get the black mickey to stick to the basket?

    • I just used vinyl. Pretty simple, especially if you have a cutting machine, but you can also hand cut big shapes like the mouse ears.


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