Wonderful Watercolor Valentines

Watercolor School Valentines-8978

I sat down today to figure out my plan for this years’ school Valentines, and realized I had never shared my printable watercolor valentines from last year! These were really fun to put together for me and for my artistic daughter.

Watercolor School Valentines-8972

Step 1: Print out my free printable Valentines (see below) and cut them apart.

Watercolor School Valentines-8974

Step 2: Use liquid watercolors to fill in the three hearts. Do not water down the paint on these. Let dry.

Watercolor School Valentines-8975

Step 3: Use PenBlade or other sharp knife to cut slits to hold the paintbrush.

Step 4: Write a secret message using white crayons.

Watercolor School Valentines-8976

Step 5: Address the Valentine and give it to your friends.

Watercolor School Valentines-8977

Step 6: When your friend receives their valentine, they simply need to get the paintbrush wet to use the watercolor hearts to paint over the white space and reveal your secret message.

If you are looking for other School Valentine ideas, I have lots more!

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Free Printable Valentines

Watercolor Valentines


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  1. […] If you follow me on Instagram, this post may look rather familiar. While the blog was kind of quiet, I was overgramming over on instagram. These are the valentines I sent with my elementary school students for their friends for Valentine’s Day. The joke valentine is a printable from the always-clever Erika over at Yellow Pear Photography. I am excited about the watercolor valentines I designed for my daughter. We wrote secret messages in white crayon. The friends take the paint brush and get it wet and use the watercolor paint in the hearts to paint over the white space and reveal the message. Remind me next January. I will post a full tutorial and a printable. (UPDATE: Tutorial and Printable now available! Watercolor Valentine Printable) […]

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