Fabulous Feathers–Wedding Flowers

I used to do wedding flowers all of the time. I used to accost relatives and friends as soon as (sometimes before) they announced their engagement to see if they had decided on a wedding theme and colors–and if not, present them with my vision of what would be perfect for them. I bought all of the Martha Stewart weddings magazines, and collected whatever other wedding related magazines I could, for ideas and examples. Well, it seems like most of my friends and family have graduated from bridal showers, to baby showers, now, and truthfully I have not been paying a lot of attention to wedding trends. It has been a year since I have done anything with wedding flowers, and probably four years since I was doing them on a regular basis.

So when I was asked to do wedding flowers for a friend of my SIL (who happens to be sister of one of my friends), I was interested to see what she wanted. When she told me, feathers, I was interested, but concerned. The first picture in my head wasn’t pretty. She sent me a photo of a bouquet for inspiration. It was all pink with wispy pink ostrich feathers floating gracefully around. She thought it was beautiful, but wanted different colors. I figured we could do this.

This photo is of the bridal bouquet. Of course, it was completed late at night, so I didn’t have good lighting to get a great picture. Hopefully, she will send me a professional one that I can post later. I had a few issues tracking down the feathers, but they are fun and unique. What do you think?

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  1. theysaywordscanbleed says

    what a gorgeous bouquet.

    Puyallup flowers

  2. I think it is absolutely stunning, Kendra! I love it–totally unique and gorgeous!

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