The Incredible Edible? Egg

Aren’t these the most amazing Easter eggs you have ever seen?

The are literally “tie-dyed” with silk ties (or scarves). Do you think my husband would notice if a couple of ties went missing? I should note that there was some discussion in the comments section about whether it is OK to eat eggs dyed this way or not. I’ll let you decide. Go here to read all about it (found via Today’s Creative Blog).
And a quick report about our Spring Cleaning party. Lots of you stopped by the party, but so far only 6 lovely ladies brought something to share. That means they each stand a pretty good chance of winning those gorgeous gloves! Did none of the rest of you do anything at all productive in March? I’ll give you the rest of the day to link up your post, and tomorrow I will pick a winner! Please visit our party contributors! You will get some great ideas on things like scrapbook supply storage, and what to do about perpetually messy kids’ rooms (hilarious)! Thanks so much for sharing, ladies!
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  1. Those eggs are so cool looking. I love them. You did a great job.

  2. Those are really cool and colorful! They make me happy!


  3. I think I would probably blow out the shells, it’s so easy even I can do it. This are amazing. They look like those millefiore beads, if I have that right.

  4. Attic Gal Rachelle says

    I have been looking for colorful old silk ties at garage sales all year. Saw it on Martha Stewart. Can’t wait to make mine!

  5. I just tried this! They turned out so cool!

  6. I’ve seen this egg idea so many places this year … can’t wait to try it this week although I’m debating the eating part.

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