The Lucky Spring Cleaner is…

Alayna of Alayna’s Creations! Congratulations!
I had this cute girl pick a number between 1-6 and she chose #4. Our 4th participant in the Spring Cleaning Party is Alayna, who is also, now the lucky winner of some fabulous gloves from Julie Meyer’s etsy shop, like these:
I know. I want some too! I still have plenty of cleaning to do!
Take a minute to visit all of my party guests, be inspired, and thank them for sharing their ideas with us! Happy Spring, everyone!
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  1. Congratulations to Alayna!!

    And yes, a cute girl indeed. 🙂

  2. Congratulations to your winner! Those are seriously so cute!!!


  3. Yay! Thanks Kendra! I had a lot of fun participating – even if most of my cleaning still needs to be done 🙂

  4. Inviting Company says

    adore the black and green color combination!

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