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As you read this, I am probably in the mountains somewhere in the wilderness of Utah with my baby strapped to me entertaining a bunch of school-aged children that are somehow related to me.  I am reposting one of the craft projects we did with the kids last time we had this family reunion, two years ago.  We are doing a fun variation on this concept, this year, but I’m going to wait until I get back with the pics to show all of my family reunion insanity.

(Originally posted July 2008)


The credit for this one, goes entirely to my sister, Shanda, who is genius when it comes to entertaining and interacting with children. We were in charge of crafts with the 7-11 year olds at the family reunion, and this was one of the projects we did. Since we were camping, we used natural dirt as the main element on colorful paper, and then let the kids use colorful sand from one of those bottle kits to make what ever designs they wanted.

You just use white glue to draw your design. The key is to only do one color of sand at a time, and to shake it off completely, before adding more glue for the next color.

This one got has a little multi-colored effect going on–but that’s cool, too.
Colorful art in a row.

And here is the one I came up with. (Yes, I know I’m not 7-11 years old, but did you really think I could supervise for that long, and not give it a shot, myself?) The kids (small & big) really enjoyed this project. It’s almost like magic when you shake off the sand!


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  1. Kim @ Frost Me! says

    love sand art! have fun on your vaca!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Janeal @ decorative deals says

    This is seriously the perfect craft. What kid doesn't love playing with sand, and this way it doesn't end up in their shoes and on your carpet — love it!

  3. Jen @ says

    What a fun project Kendra! You come up with the best ideas. Have a Happy Fourth!


  4. Jeanette says

    what a great idea! I had to forward this to my niece.
    Have a great 4th.

  5. Shari Goodman says

    Great blog! Glad I found it.

  6. Great idea! Would love you to share it at our Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party which is a summer theme this week! Visiting from the Summer Camp link party! 🙂

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