Stay Cool! — Summer Gift Idea

I live in Phoenix!  It’s HOT!  I know people say it is a “dry heat”, but with temperatures in the 110’s, humidity in the 30+% range, and the monsoon rains skirting around the valley, it is pretty much miserable right now.
Last week I had two friends moving on Saturday in this heat.  I wasn’t available to help (I’ll show you why, soon!), but I wanted to do a little something, so I delivered some otterpops before hand, in the hope that they would have time to freeze them, and use them to provide a little relief in the middle of their moves.
I got this fun printable from eighteen25, rolled up a sheet of otterpops, secured them with a rubberband, and tied over the rubberband with a red grosgrain ribbon.  Easy, inexpensive, cute, and thoughtful!  You can download this and other fun free projects at eighteen25.
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  1. such a cute idea! I am totally going to do this!

  2. Susan Crabtree says

    I loved this too! I am making these for Evans classmates for first day back to school next week!

  3. Lisalulu says

    I have loved ALL your ideas for the last year and a half. I've been watching you because my daughter just moved to AZ (goodyear) and I can't even imagine the heat…although..since SHE just had a baby (right before yours) she now wants me to move there. Like I say, I can't imagine how to live in that heat!! Thanks for the reminder! and love (X1000) your blog!!

  4. Makalani Adolpho, PLC says

    I sooo no what you are talking about. I live in east Mesa and just going to the grocery store with every article of clothing just sticking to your body, ugghhhh! And cury hair, forget about trying to do anything with it with the humidity up as it is.

    This was a very thoughtful and creative way to help friends move.


    Makaz home

  5. Love this idea!

  6. Hey Kendra-

    Never got to thank you for the nice treat. We did find them in time to freeze them and the kids were so excited to have some thing cool to snack on! Such a cute idea. Loren was actually the one that found them and her said "hey someone left us a treat." AS soon as I saw it I said, "bet its from Kendra…she does cute stuff like that." And I was right!!! Its good to be known as that kind of person.

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