Masquerade Masks – Scribble Shop Challenge

I have hard time walking away from a challenge, so I couldn’t refuse the chance to take part in The Scribble Shop Challenge! Along with many other creative bloggers, I was sent a package from The Scribble Shop–an on-line craft store–full of random craft supplies with a challenge to use all of the supplies in one project.

I’m not going to pretend that it wasn’t a challenge to blend these somewhat random crafting supplies into a cohesive project.

Included in my kit were the following supplies:

The feathers immediately made me think of a project I had been wanting to try. My super-artistic sister and her super-artistic children had made their own beautiful masquerade masks for their own little Masquerade Ball New Year’s Eve celebration. Their creations were stunning! I thought both mask-making and masquerading could be fun for my family, too. These masks could be fun for Mardi Gras, Halloween, New Years, or a Masquerade Ball birthday. I brought in a few of my own supplies to complete the project:

Here’s how we did it:

Making the Masks

  1.  We started by finding a basic mask template on-line. I found some nice templates here. I enlarged some and reduced some in printing depending on who the mask was for. Then we cut out the mask to be our pattern. We also experimented modifying the template to create more unique shapes and designs. I’ll plan to show you some of those in a later post.
  2. We folded six layers of heavy duty aluminum foil together. After a little trial and error, we decided that it was a nice idea to use a little spray adhesive between the layers of foil so they wouldn’t separate. Using the mask template, we traced the shape onto the foil stack.
  3. We carefully cut out the mask from the foil. I might help to use an exact-o knife for the eyes.
  4. At this point, we press the foil mask up to the face of its’ owner, to mold it to his or her face, so that it would be the right size and shape for the wearer. This would be easier to do with fewer layers of foil, but might not hold up as well through the rest of the process.
  5. We then carefully applied newspaper strips dipped in a flour/water mixture, to paper mache the mask. Using a curved surface, like the side of this picture, made it easier to maintain the shape, while working with the mask.
  6. We let the masks dry at least over-night.
The kids had a great time choosing masks and making messes! They worked on their own creations (as did BSB) that I will show you in a later post. At this point, each of my masks took on a different identity as I used a different method for making each one. I’ll break them down for you here.

The Chalkboard Mask

Using the chalkboard paint that came in my challenge kit, I put a couple of coats over the surface of one of my masks. The great thing about it being chalkboard paint, is that I was able to decorate and even write on the mask with chalk markers, and those designs could be changed out for another party or different mood!

I found it easiest to cluster the feathers I wanted to use in a bouquet style and tape around the bottom of the cluster before hot-gluing them to the back side of the mask.

To create an interesting handle, I grabbed a couple of bamboo skewers and decided to wrap them in washi tape.

The method I found that worked best was to lay down a strip of tape (sticky side up) and place the bamboo skewer on top of the tape. Then I rolled one side of tape down on to the skewer, followed by the other side. I ended up glueing the two sticks together for a sturdier (and more interesting handle). And here is the finished mask…

 Gold Foil Mask

You may have noticed the package of Ferror Roche chocolates included in the kit. I’ll never know if The Scribble Shop just meant to send us a little crafting sustenance, or if they were hoping we would incorporate something from that lovely package into our craft. Well, I made an entire mask dedicated to it.

NOTE: I may have had to go and purchase some extras of these to make sure I would have enough for this project, and of course, they had to be eaten to free up the wrappers and liner cups.

I flattened out the gold wrappers and tore them into sections to mod podge on to the mask. When the entire front was covered in shimmery gold foil, I began to add the liners. I put a couple together, held in place by a glittery brad as an embellishment in one corner. On the opposite side of the mask, I used the ruffled part of the liners to make ruffly decorations. It kind of reminds me of owl feathers–or a spanish dancer (which have nothing to do with each other)

I used the Martha Stewart glue and glitter to add sparkly accents around the eye.

I thought about attaching this one with satiny brown ribbon, but since I couldn’t locate it, decided to just use a natural chopstick, hot-glued on the backside of the mask as it’s handle.


Mod Podge Mask

It was fun to combine the patterns in the blue and green fabric for a more colorful mask.

Again, I used mod podge to apply the fabric to the front of the mask. I have recently learned that you can make little felt balls out of the roving, so I turned that into little poms. Those were hot glued to small pieces of bakers twine (any string would work–just watch out for your fingers and the hot glue! Ouch!), and the twine was hot glued on the back of the mask.

I also used the twine to wrap around the bamboo skewers–securing it with hot glue-to for the handle for this creation.

This time I just glued the feathers around the back of the mask. Again, watch out for hot glue and feathers. Ouch!

I added a few more details around the eyes and edges with a turquoise metallic paint pen.

While we haven’t had time for a real masquerade ball, yet, we did have to dress up and have a little masquerade fashion show.

Can you think of an occasion to have a Masquerade ball? It’s a fun opportunity to get creative and celebrate at the same time!

If you are looking to purchase supplies used in this project or for all your crafty needs, check out The Scribble Shop! You can get to know them better on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

So what would you have done with that box of goodies?

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  1. Oh my God! These are incredibly fun, and those pictures of you guys! LOVE!

  2. Kendra, I LOVE this idea! And that is for sure the best use of the roving I’ve seen yet!!!! Great job!

    • Thanks, Steph! I didn’t really know what roving was before this project. You learn something new everyday!

  3. They turned out fantastic!!!! You are super talented. Love the pictures of you and the girls!

  4. These are so awesome!!! The use of the candy wrappers for that one was SO creative! They’re all creative though!!! 🙂 And you guys look like you had so much fun playing dress up!

    • Thanks, Kassi! How can you go wrong with gold foil and mini-cupcake wrappers? The kids did enjoy this one!

  5. These Venetian-style masks are such a great way to add a hint of luxury to your party decor!

  6. OK, these are amazing! I LOVE the chocolate wrapper one! Great job!!!

  7. I love these so much! They remind me of the movie Labyrinth. I’m waiting for David Bowie to come into one of your pictures ;D

  8. Hi Kendra,
    Thank you for participating in the Scribble Shop Challenge.
    We love how you used the candy wrappers to make a whole mask, all of the masks are super cute!
    Today, March 30th, 2012 we are posting the finalist on our facebook page
    Stay Tunned!

  9. Hey Kendra, our company would LOVE to donate some blank masks for you to use in your tutorials, please let us know if you’d like some! 🙂

    Also just wanted to say that this is one of the most detailed tutorials I’ve ever seen, thanks so much for sharing your secrets! 😉

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