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Before I became so invested in this blog, I used to be pretty good about keeping a personal family blog. I keep thinking I will get my life in order enough to post there again. It served a lot of great purposes. I could share info with family and friends, but more importantly, it served to record my family history. I was so thrilled when I first learned that there was a company that could “slurp” the photos and information from my blog and turn it into a published book!

Blurb can publish any kind of book, but the ability to transfer the blog to the book is what really got me excited about Blurb. Twice now, I have taken the blog and put it into hardback form. (You may note that 2006 is missing–so I’ve got another book or two to make).

This process can be pretty fast if you use a standard template, etc., but you can customize fonts backgrounds and everything else. Which of course, I do, which means that spend a long time putting the books together. But here are some examples of the different kinds of pages I put together in these books.

There were too many fun pages I wanted to show you! I can’t even begin to tell you how much my kids LOVE looking at these books–examining every picture and reading every word! I really wish I had one for every year!

But you should know that even if you don’t have a blog, there is some kind of book you will want to make with Blurb. You can make a book of your Instagram feed in no time flat. You can also upload your Facebook photos, make a recipe book, and who know what else!

Which is why I am excited that I get to giveaway $50 to Blurb to one of you! Just enter through Rafflecopter below! You can make a Christmas gift for someone special, or maybe for yourself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Blurb is a creative publishing platform that allows anyone to create, share and sell a professional quality book. Make a portfolio of your client work, an archive of your blog, a cook book of your favorite recipes, a photo book of your family pictures or a quick book of your instagram photos – the possibilities are limitless. It’s easy and quick to do – with a variety of software options you could complete your dream book in next to no time.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Blurb. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I would make a book titled “The Tilbury Troops” lol. We have 6 children so there would be PLENTY to make a book about.

    From their childhood milestones to their quirky little comments. I started a journal for each of them the day before they were born (I was induced with them all) and I have continued ever since. But the journals are just words. I would love to be able to add photos too so that the kids can see their lives on pages.

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Kylee x

  2. What a great idea. I did my own wedding books a few years ago and just love them. I keep saying I will do them for my kids but still haven’t gotten there yet.
    Love it xx

  3. I need to do our family book!!!

  4. I have been working on a 400 page blurb book since April that would cover about 4 years. It isn’t quite ready to print but it is close and $50 would cover half of it. Here’s hoping I win!!!

  5. I’d love to turn my family blog into a book. I know it’d be a book we would cherish forever!

  6. I would love to make a book for my Mom of some of the photos of my sister and I forever!

  7. I made one Blurb blog book and have one more year where I blogged pretty faithfully that needs to be made into a book.

  8. I would make a book of my family… Sadly enough I don’t blog as often as I should (just stock awesome blogs like yours:)) I used to scrapbook and I stopped in 2007, but have fallen in love with BLURB!! I would love to win this, it would give me an incentive to finish another book five years later. 🙂

  9. I actually have my book made and ready to go, so this would be amazing!

  10. I would do a family year book!

  11. Fun giveaway! I love blurb books!

  12. I’m so behind on blog books. I’ve got to catch up that last 2 years. They kind of seem like a blur

  13. I would love to make a special book for my daughter and I!

  14. I used Blurb to create my son’s first year book and I’ve never gotten around to finishing up my daughter’s so I’d for sure use the credit towards that!

  15. I have printed 11 books with Blurb and have 3 waiting in the wings! I LOVE BLURB!

  16. I would love to do another blog book!

  17. I would print out my family blog and also put some of the money to make a coffee table type book for my mom of pictures that Ive taken.

  18. This would be a great way to capture my blog – particularly since my first child was born this year!

  19. I would make my family blog into a book!

  20. I would love to turn my blog into a book!!

  21. I love photobooks…such a simple and beautiful way to record your family memories!

  22. Definitely would apply the credit towards my family blog.

  23. I would make a book using pics from a camping trip

  24. I would get a copy about my relationship with my fiancé to display at our wedding.

  25. Jill McHale says

    I would make a beautiful photo album for my daughter 🙂

  26. I would love a blog book!!! Of course I have so many playful activities I think I’ll need more than one!

  27. I would definitely use it to print a copy of my blog. It’s called Our Story and it’s about our journey to start a family – from infertility to adoption – to now having an open adoption with our daughter’s birthmom. I have been thinking about printing it out for a long time.

  28. Holly Cutler says

    I’m so happy I CAN enter your giveaway. What a great time to do this too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Oooh, I need to do this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I would use it to print out our 2011 Family Blog Book. I love Blurb!

  31. Lani Derrick says

    I would love to have a photo book with all of the pictures of our wedding.

  32. Laura Fisher says

    I do the same thing with my family blog! I am needing to do 2011’s book AND 2012’s book–I would LOVE to win!

  33. I would make my family blog!!! I have been really wanting to do one of these for this year! Looks amazing.

  34. I would love to do a complete year of 2012 for our family pictures!

  35. I would use the money as a start to start my blog year books! I’ve been wanting to make them for a long time now!

  36. I would do a book for the year 2012 in review. We did 2011 last year, and it turned out great!

  37. I would make about my fiancé and I to display at our wedding.

  38. My wife put all my articles, stories, and poems into a book. She’s a sweetheart!

  39. Your books are too cute! I’m totally in love, and can’t wait to try it myself. I think I will try to do the blog extract from my family blog. Such a great idea!

  40. I’d make a blurb book about our vacation to Ocean City MD this past summer. The kids first time at the beach!

  41. I just recently completed two Blurb books, my first two ever, and I’m hooked. My first book was documenting our first ever trip to Disney World; the second was a family album for 2011. I’m currently working on a 2010 family album and would love to win this giveaway!

  42. I’ve been wanting to look into blurb. It sounds super cool!

  43. I need to catch up on my family books 🙂

  44. So fun! I’ve wanted to make books from our family blog for the longest time!!

  45. I love Blurb. I did a photo book of the first 2 years of my son’s life. I need to do another (and very soon it will be time for a 3rd)!

  46. Dusti Stahr says

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