Hunting Update

Erin (the one who is throwing the hunting party) sent me a copy of the invitation she made to post. (Erin, I am assuming your husband doesn’t read this blog, since this is a surprise party). Anyway, I love the hunting terms “you’ve been drawn.” She made the invitation digitally using design elements from one […]

A Hunting We Will Go…

I had a request for ideas for a hunting-themed birthday party, so I will share what I have come up with. First of all, I have to tell you that in my searching, I learned something new. Did you realize that hunting and camo are popular themes for weddings? I kid you not. I know […]

Having a {Paint} Ball! Birthday ideas

My husband had the poor planning to be born just before Christmas, so making sure his birthday is celebrated often takes some ingenuity on my part. One year I threw him a surprise party in June for his half birthday. It was a great party (I’ll have to blog about it sometime), but he was […]