Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Review

  Are any of you as overwhelmed as I already am? And it isn’t even December, yet. With so much to do each day, meal prep often gets pushed to the bottom of my list. To top it off, I’ve been trying to start a new eating plan (a.k.a diet). (Who does that right before […]

Thanksgiving Table setting – Earthy and Green

I blogged about our 2010 Thanksgiving celebration last year, but not until I’m sure you had all moved on to Christmas, so I’m going to post it again. It was full of inexpensive DIY details. We were fortunate to get to spend Thanksgiving with much of my side of the family in Utah, this year. […]

Donut Classroom Treat Printables

Some of my most Pinned posts are the ones showing creative treats to take to school for hand out at birthdays. Like the juicebox robot, and my recent S’more printable. I’ve also had this #10 donut treat pinned numerous times. Lately, I’ve had several people request a printable topper that they can download and use […]

TruMoo Wrap-up and Giveaway

Last week I had the opportunity of participating in a talk about nutrition for children over at The Motherhood. It was sponsored by TruMoo Chocolate Milk. The talk was very informative. We learned a lot about TruMoo as well as shared tips for encouraging healthier eating in our children. Andrea Carrothers, MS, RD and Nutrition Communications […]

A is for Alec–ABC 1st Birthday

Aa is for Alec So what if he was going on 15 months, Alec finally had his first birthday party, full of A’s B’s and C’s (and other alphabet letters, too)! A little hard to see in these pics, but the white letter banner spells “Happy 1st Birthday Alec” Bb is for ball Contrary to this […]

Fool’s Cafe – A Surprise Dinner Tradition

Thank you to Log Cabin for sponsoring my post about updated traditions in my household. To learn more about Log Cabin Syrups (which are all free of High Fructose Corn Syrup), breakfast for dinner, and other new ways to update traditions in your home, click here. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever […]

Grilled Pineapple Chili

***This is a sponsored post*** I’m pretty brave about trying new projects…except when it comes to food. If a crafty project doesn’t look good, you can just keep tweaking it until it does. If you mess up dinner, it might just be ruined, and you might be hungry. So when the folks at Hunt’s asked […]

April Fools Day Feast

This is a Flashback Friday–except it is a Thursday, because I wanted to give you a chance to do this on Friday if you so choose. It got the kids pretty good and wasn’t too much work! ****** {Originally posted April 2, 2010} April Fools’ Day Fun! I wasn’t sure between pregnancy and my music […]

Christmas Breakfast

My sister sent out an SOS on Facebook asking for favorite Christmas breakfast traditions.  Breakfast on Christmas morning can be tricky.  First of all, I don’t know many of us who are up for something labor intensive, after all of the Christmas Eve preparations.  And in homes like ours the opening of the presents can […]

Freeze Tag

You remember that post a little bit ago about how life happens?  Well, life keeps happening to me.  The latest in my series of unfortunate events (my daughter loves those book, btw), is that the breaker to our chest freezer somehow got tripped, and instead of a freezer we basically had a large ice chest.  Fortunately, […]