Book-themed Bar Mitzvah

We are heading into one of my birthday seasons that happens to fall right between Easter and Mother’s Day. The trouble with a cluster of birthdays is that it makes it really difficult to get each party blogged before moving on to the next one. Because of that, I have several parties from the last […]

Chapter 4: Book Party Cake

When last we left our birthday guests, they were engaged in suspense and adventure, but rest assured, they were rewarded for their bravery and enthusiasm with cake and other book-themed goodies. The cake was in the shape of–what else?–a book! Actually, there were several books represented in the cake. I considered giving each book the […]

Chapter 2: Book Party Decorations

The scene of our Book Club birthday party was set by surrounding our literary enthusiasts with books and words at every angle. Our kitchen island was transformed into a temporary library–it’s shelves lined with our heroine’s favorite books (that would have been more meticulously styled, if I had had time to rearrange them all, rather […]

Book Club Birthday–Prologue

I am so excited to give you a peak at the book “bash” we had this weekend, in honor of my daughter’s 11th birthday! My daughter is a voracious reader and hasn’t met many books she doesn’t like. It seemed like the perfect theme for my daughter and her bookworm friends. As you may have […]