Terrific 10 Classroom Treats

If you recall from my robot treat post, schools in our area don’t allow parents to bring in homemade goodies for kids on their birthdays. For most parents, this should be a relief or a free pass to go to the store and pick-up the bakery cupcakes without feeling an iota of guilt about not being Betty Crocker.
Unfortunately, I am not most parents. The store-bought treats I have taken in the past haven’t done much to spark my imagination, until I came up the robot birthday school treats. I’ve been wracking my brain since then to think of something unexpected to do for my daughters’ birthday treats this week. This is what I came up with.
I bought doughnuts from the grocery store (which may have been day old to save me a boat load of money. Hey! Class sizes are huge these days!), and packages of Twinkies and placed them in clear plastic treat bags so that they would make a 1-0.
I designed this topper to say “Donut you want to help Kira celebrate her Terrific #10?” I just folded the topper over the end of the plastic bag and stapled. We served the packages with small cups of milk.
You could easily use two twinkies or other favorite treats like zingers for a #11.
So am I the only one crazy enough to complicate store-bought class treats? Any cute fun and easy treats out there?
UPDATE: I’ve designed a generic printable for this #10 donut topper. You can grab it here!
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  1. Great idea!

  2. Randi~Dukes and Duchesses says

    I absolutely LOVE that you did that! The "storebought only" rule is one I hate … you did such a great job of getting around it. I love your creativity – I would never have thought to make a 10 from a Twinkie and a donut!

  3. I love that! And I buy the day old donuts too. Shhhh. Don't tell…

  4. hate the rule too… but LOVE your idea!!! My daughter is turning 10 in September and I am so excited to already have a plan!!! Thanks!

  5. This is such a great idea! I'm pinning this to save for my daughter's 10th.

  6. Not Just A Mommy! says

    Girly, you are too clever! Sure wish I saw this earlier, but I'm all over this for the boy's 11 next year!!

  7. Matea_Bradshaw says

    Is the tag download-able? I have a daughter turning ten in a couple of weeks and love this idea! Awesome way to start out the school year!

  8. Can someone what program is used to make this cute label? It doesn't work in word???? HELP!! I fell left out! 😉

  9. I love this idea. I’ going to try it for my sons 10th at school! Thanks.

  10. Awesome idea! My twins turn 10 this week. I’m thinking about using mini donuts & letting them pick out their favorite candy bar…small size to make the 10. Twinkies aren’t a favorite around here.

  11. Love the “8” and the “10” but is there anyway you can think of to make a 9?? Just wondering….. 🙂

  12. What size bags do I need for this? Any sourcing recommendations?


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