One Little Word 2015: Receive

For the background on my One Little Word or Word of the Year posts, read this post. My One Little Word for 2015 came to me several weeks ago. I initially tried to dismiss it, because it doesn’t sound like a goal at first and could be misinterpreted as not a very noble goal. But […]

Serenity: Word for 2013

I originally wrote this post back in January when most other bloggers were writing about their words of the year. I started second guessing myself before I got around to publishing it, but just read it again, and decided that even if this isn’t the only thing I focus on this year, it is still […]

Word of the Year 2012: Balance

I’ve been promising a post about my word of the year for a while now, I think I was just hoping to have it all better defined before writing it, but this word encompasses so many smaller goals that it has all been swimming around in my head and I hardly know where to begin. […]

To Resolve or not to Resolve

That is the question this time of year!  I do have a few goals (I have mixed feelings about the word resolutions and all that it implies) that seem appropriate to begin as the chaos of the holiday season ends, but as with everything, I often like to work in terms of themes.  I’m still […]

Family Motto 2009: JOY

  This is normally the kind of thing I might reserve for my personal blog, but because it is a great idea, and because Tip Junkie told me to, I’m sharing my word of the year with you. I think Ali Edwards may have been the first one to come up with the concept of […]