Gratitude Tree After


Thanksgiving Tree

We didn’t quite make our goal of adding leaves, every day, but our tree is still full of wonderful things that we are all thankful for!

If nothing else, it got us in the habit of being thankful each day. One that I hope we can keep throughout the year. When I initially posted this idea, my sister mentioned that one of their favorite parts of this kind of an activity was looking back to see what they had been thankful for in previous years (kids do say the darnedest things). When we take down the tree tonight, to make room for the Christmas advent calendar, I am going to collect the leaves and write the list of what each family member was grateful for on our personal blog. I think I will save some of the cutest leaves with their handwritingfor scrapbooks.


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  1. I’m glad you posted an after picture! The tree looks awesome. And that’s a great idea to save a list! And the “cutest” leaves!

  2. I love the “after” picture! We are so doing this next year.

  3. Such a clever Idea~!

  4. DV- Rebecca L. says

    Super fun. Make sure you put the name age and year on the back so it isn’t lost in the ‘who did this and when’ pile 😉

  5. Setting the Mood says

    You’re a super Mom!! Where do you get all of your “insane” energy??

  6. Blissful Babe says

    What a wonderful idea. I may have to save this post and do this some day soon!

  7. alyssha lynn says

    We used to do these – and thanks to you and CSI I think I am going to set one up today! I love the idea of adding something daily – Thanks for sharing!

  8. I've seen a lot of these around, but your take on it is my fav! I'm featuring this in a post about thanksgiving decor tomorrow on feel free to grab our "i was featured" button!

  9. Meghan Jordan says

    Last year I made a huge turkey and put it on the wall and each day we wrote what we were thankful for on a feather and added it — at the end of Nov. our turkey had lots of feathers! I wanted to do a tree with leaves this year but can’t figure out what type of paper to use to create my tree. Can you tell me what type of paper you used to make your tree? I love how it looks as if it is all one piece — I don’t want the trunk to be “pieced” together! Thanks for your help!



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