3D Book Bulletin Board

I am in the local leadership of the program for the children in our church, called the primary.  I came up with this fun bulletin board for our Primary Room to display the theme for the year, “I know the scriptures are true.”  I thought I would share for others of you that may work in the primary, and for everyone else, you might consider this technique for other projects like school bulletin boards promoting reading programs.  We did something similar for the posters we made when my daughter was campaigning for class historian.  “Never in History, has there been a candidate like Kira”  using a history textbook.  She may have lost the election, but she totally won the cool poster contest!  🙂
But before we get too far into the 3D book I have to tell you about the rest of the board and give a big shout-out to my new Christmas Present!  Cutting these beautiful letters out of cardstock was really simple with my Silhouette (warning:  you will be hearing a lot about this machine in the future!)  I loved that I could scroll through the all fonts on my computer and cut which ever one I liked best!


I glued the letters on to the background, which is wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby on Christmas clearance–that really doesn’t look much like Christmas to me–with a basic glue stick.
For the “cover” of the scriptures, I just took some sturdy chipboard and wrapped it in gold wrapping paper (If you look really closely, you might see the snowflakes).  I scanned the pages (that include the scripture reference associated with the theme) on to my computer and enlarged them to print out as a full page.
I just used some extra plain paper underneath to help give the dimension I was going for.  Each page is attached (taped and/or glued) individually, so that it will raise up in the center.  The red ribbon book mark hides a multitude of sins.
I attached the book with thumbtacks that are hidden underneath the pages of the book.  I didn’t have any gold ink when I first put it together but my friend later brought a gold ink stamp pad and gilded the edges of the paper (so they’re a little sloppy, because I wasn’t about to take it down to do it).


I had some green organza ribbon that I put around the edges for a finished look.
I love the graphic design and clear message here.
And I guess we are kind of over-achievers in my Primary Presidency.  Check out the treasure chest that Becky’s husband built for the cause!  I think he used scrap wood and garden stakes that he cut the edges off of. It’s big!  And a very regal place to house our silver chain that will grow as kids do their reading and get to add a chain.
And for more Primary inspiration…stay tuned for the report on the ice cream party I am in charge of this weekend:  “Get the SCOOP on your new Primary teacher.”  Get it?  My paper hats came in the mail today, so I’m getting ready to scoop!
Speaking of parties, 3 days until the Blogiversary Party Party goes live!  See you there!
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  1. Okay, I LOVE the 3D book idea! Our Primary room is set up in such an odd way that we don't really have an entire bulletin board to decorate, but if we did I would so be stealing this idea!

    It would work really well for a classroom too! Or a book themed party!

  2. The Dunnams says

    So cute! We did a similar book but not NEAR as cute or realistic!! How are you doing the paper chain? I'm trying to come up with an idea to encourage reading! =)

  3. This is a great idea. I will do this too. I think Seattle Homes must have this. Thanks you for posting.

  4. We did a similar idea! I thought of it and one of my counselors made it! We don't have our pages raised, its our book that is 3D. We have printed the monthly theme on the front and will change it every month!
    Love your 3D pages though!
    I had thought I'd had an original idea! Well at least I had a good one!!

  5. Wow, this is impressive! I need to tell my sister… she is always trying to come up with new primary bulletin boards!

  6. Kendra@My Insanity says

    Thanks, everyone! @alje It was a good idea!

    @Dunhams The other counselor cut up strips of silver and gold paper and each week she puts them in with the rolls. If they have read their scriptures at all that week, they get to write their name on a strip of paper. Then she staples them together and the chain is housed in the chest. Don't know what we'll do when it gets too big. Might be hard to keep up all year. We'll see.

  7. Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! In fact, I stumbled upon it just last night on Sugardoodle and printed it out so that I could shamelessly copy it for our bulletin board! How funny. Thanks for linking up with us this week on CSI, Kendra. You rock, girlfriend!


  8. Hi! I have scanned the pages in & I can’t get them to look right. Is there anyway that you would email me your scanned in pages?

  9. Julie Greenman says

    How did you attach the chipboard to the bulletin board?

  10. Do you still have the file for the enlarged scriptures that you could send me? PDF preferably.?

    • I’m sorry. My old computer is completely inaccessible currently. I need to find a tech guy that can help me get all of those files off of it. You should be able to do this with a set of scriptures and a copy machine. You should be able to enlarge it to a full sheet size. Good luck!

  11. I have bought everything to make this tonight! 🙂 I just barely noticed it was from 2011!!! Ha ha

    Thank you so much for sharing your idea for those of us who are creatively challenged.

  12. THANK YOU for the great idea! I’m going to replicate your giant scripture book for our bulletin board. I’m so impressed with you wonderful ladies who come up with these great ideas, do the work, post it, and allow the rest of us to benefit. You’re all so gracious and it’s appreciated by those of us less creative souls.


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