Party Party Winners!

The votes have been tallied, the people have spoken and now it is time to announce the winners and prizes of the 3rd Annual Blogiversary party party! Big thanks to our judges, sponsors, and all of our participants.
After 682 votes…the party of the year (2010) is…
With so many pink and poofy parties out there, it is refreshing to see one that is all boy, yet still so detailed and appealing.  Fittingly, this party also wins the “party I am most likely to copy” prize for this year! After the robot party this year, I’ve been thinking a campout with fewer boys and more space for them to run around and make noise, sounds like a great idea. I think my son is on board, so you can bet I will be borrowing lots of ideas from this great party!
As the 1st place winner, Lisa gets…
From Belleza e Luce  – a Custom designed invitation set. Retail Value: nearly $90.

Congratulations, Lisa!

Our 2nd place winning party by popular vote is…

My sister has a son who is obsessed with whales and all manner of large sea animals, so she is excited to borrow lots of these ideas for his birthday this year! There are so many clever details in this party! You have to go check them all out! Cute, creative and fun!
Her 2nd Place prize is…$50 Credit to purchase printable designs the famous Tom Kat Studios!  

Coming in at 3rd Place…

Up Movie Party by Wendy Updegraff

This party shot to first place early in the voting and was poised to take home the top prize for the first party of the week. It’s no surprise that it was a contender. It is that rare mix of beauty and creativity in one event (not to mention beautifully photographed!) I especially love the adventure awaits table with the Ellie badge favors!

Wendy wins — From Paper &  Cake  a new groovy Printable Party Package and Photobooth  Printables.

And this is where things got complicated! We had an exact tie for fourth place! I couldn’t think of a way to resolve the tie fairly, other than to talk to Do from Piggy Bank Parties and see if she might have prizes for the creators of both of these great parties. She graciously consented to add another gift certificate, so I have two 4th place winning parties for you!  Both of which will recieve the $25 Gift Certificate to Piggy Bank Parties!

Our 4th Place Winners are…

The Zoe Shower by Wendy Updegraff

Wendy’s two beautiful parties were competing with each other through out the voting. This shower is just so striking! With it’s colorful, fun, and yet still sophisticated color scheme and styling, this party could provide inspiration for bridal showers or even wedding celebrations, as well other baby showers.


The Barnyard Bash by Mariah @ Giggle Galore

I love the charming details of this sweet party. Especially the “milk duds” and mason jars for lemonade. It is a great theme for two-year-olds and was full of fun age-appropriate activities for the kids. They even got adorable new handmade outfits for the occasion!

…and our 5th place party prize goes to…

Pinkies Out Tea Party by CupKate’s Event Designs

Because sometimes we love the pink and poofy parties! This party is about as girlie as they come (with the exception of the mustached young man there), but she knows how to do girlie! The vintage tea cups on pedestals, the ornate mini-framed quotes, and the tulle-skirted benches are just some of the details which would make this a little girl’s dream party!

Her prize is from The Party Animal — 1 full size (16″) Stuff a Plush Animal Kit 

And that wraps up our Party Party for another year! I will still be featuring many of the other parties submitted in the months to come (along with lots more of my own insanity), since there were so many that I found inspiring in one way or another! Thanks to everyone for participating! I had fun and hope you did, too! Let’s do it again next year!

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  1. What great inspiration. They are all great.

  2. Oh! I'm so excited. This was a lot of fun. I truly appreciate your putting this contest together, along with the excellent list of prizes. <3

  3. This was so much fun, thanks for putting the party together! I still can't believe my party was one of the finalist, let alone a prize winner! Thanks again!

  4. These were all fantastic looking parties! I can't wait to see what else comes out this year!

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