Teacher Valentines Gift Basket

I’ve been a bit surprised by the popularity of my Valentines Snack Gift Basket post. It has been pinned more than any other post in my five years of blogging. I recently had a request for something similar for teachers, so I dusted off my iambic pentameter and this is what I came up with.

teacher valentine-5928

Like the romantic snack gift basket, most everything, including the basket came from the Dollar store. I wrote a poem using the gifts like in a candy gram with numbers on each item to correspond to the numbers on the poem.

teacher valentine-5883

I bought these sparkly stickers from the Dollar Store and wrote numbers on with a paint pen to identify the items in the poem.

teacher valentine-5926

Here are the items I purchase for this gift:

1) An apple

2) 100 Grand bar(s)

3) Solar Dancing flower (this was at the Dollar Tree, but if you can’t find this novelty, you could use a potted plant, seeds, or cut flowers)

4) Riesen candy

5) Bubbles

6) Almond Joy

7) Small box of tissues

8) Highlighter

9) Bubble gum pencils (regular pencils work too)

teacher valentine-5911

10) Extra gum

11) Nerds candy

12) Million Dollar Mints (coins, currency)

13) Lays Stax chips

14) Bugles chips

15) Fortune Cookies

16) (Optional) Reece’s Pieces

teacher valentine-5916

So here are the words of the poem. If you don’t want to give this many things, you could always eliminate a stanza or two.

An APPLE for the teacher
That’s what everybody says
But an apple isn’t GRAND enough
To show you all of the ways…
That you have helped me GROW this year
Yes! You’re the RIESEN why
I’m BURSTING with JOY and gratitude
I think I just might CRY!
It’s always such a HIGHLIGHT
Just to listen to your words
You’re SHARP, and EXTRA kind
And who knew, teachers aren’t all NERDS?
Or at least a hefty raise
For the STAX and stacks of homework
And assignments that you grade.
So blow the BUGLES! Sound the horn
So everyone can hear
That I’m so very FORTUNATE
That you’re my teacher this year!

My son wanted to include the Reece’s Pieces so we added the tag, “I love you to pieces!” (He really does love his teacher this year! I didn’t include it on the printable in case your child doesn’t feel quite the same).

teacher valentine-5914

I printed out the poem and to jazz it up for Valentine’s Day, I cut around it in the shape of a heart and took some pink cupcake liners and cut out the center to form the frilly strip you see here.

teacher valentine-5917

I used hot glue to attach the liners to the back side of the poem.



teacher valentine-5934

My basket was a bit small for the number of goodies I wanted to include, so I put a layer of foam in the bottom of the basket (covered with a little scrapbook paper).


teacher valentine-5927

I hot-glued wooden skewers on to the backs of several of the smaller items, so I could stick them into the foam and position them above the basket, rather than inside.

teacher valentine-5931

So what do you think? Is that enough kissing up for Valentine’s Day? 🙂

teacher valentine

Click on this image to download your own copy of this poem for your personal use.

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  1. I love, Love, LOVE this idea! I did see a typo in the printable though. It says “Stax and of” instead of Stax and Stacks. Let me know if you update it, I think I’m going to use this for my sons teacher.

  2. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Wow, YOUR teacher should be proud of you! Imagine poetry skills as well as creative talent!

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