Price My Mantle

I wanted to join in the last time the illustrious “Nester” had her “Price My Space” party, but I realized that there wasn’t one room in my house that was “done” enough to exhibit. They are all works in progress. I’ve made a lot of progress since the last party, but thought I would have […]

Awesome Anniversary Adventures

I pulled off my anniversary celebration last week, and it involved a bit of insanity, so I must share, although I neglected to get pictures of much of anything. This year being our 10th anniversary, I had grandiose visions of tropical vacations, diamond anniversary bands, and all sorts of wonderful surprises. As the anniversary drew […]

Mini-Makeovers & An Announcement

I’m aware my posting has been pretty light this week. Among the reasons for this, is that I am still putting together a little insanity to celebrate our anniversary (late) tonight. Another reason, is that I have been working on little projects all week, but instead of getting them done one at a time and […]

Kira’s Fishy Birthday (a PBP)

First of all, what is a PBP? It stands for “Pre-blogging Party.” You see, I’ve been crazy a lot longer than I’ve had this blog. Lately I’ve been looking at photos of parties from years past, and I’ve realized that without a digital camera, and the plans to blog about party details, my pics leave […]

10–Something to Celebrate

I’ve been trying to create a post highlighting the details of our wedding, 10 years ago, this week. But I am finding the challenge of blogging with pre-blogging, pre-digital images, combined with trying to get out of town for a family weekend, a little more than I can handle right now. So I’m not promising […]

Ingenious, Edible Insanity–The Keg Cake

This fun rustic looking keg, could be fun to use at lots of parties, right? But wait… It is CAKE! Almost the entire thing is edible, and what’s crazier…it actually works as a keg! This masterpiece was created by my good friend, Kim’s mother, Terri. Here is what Kim wrote about this cake: Mom just […]

Kids’ Table Redo…(and some shutters, too!)

Bit by bit, I’m finishing up projects for the loft area. This table used to look like this… …except is was red, and colored on and tearing apart. While I have seen lots of beautiful kids’ tables for sale, that’s not in the budget right now. I starting thinking about recovering and/or deco-paging it. What […]

Sharing Home Decor Insanity

I love the inspiration I get from all of you when I ask for a little advice on my blog. In response to my plea request for furniture refinishing advice, one reader, Jenny, emailed me this gorgeous picture of her banister. She used a tinted polyurethane product I didn’t know existed and made the whole […]

Jackson’s Jungle Room

My nephew must be a wild kid! First we threw this shower for his mom (here & here), and now he’s getting a wild jungle/safari room. This is where it is at now. I showed you a sneak peek of the ceiling I spent forever painting. After that, I took a yard stick and drew […]

Frugal Friday: A few finished projects and fun finds!

It’s Frugal Friday over at The Shabby Nest. I thought about just linking up this post, where I show all of my frugally acquired projects (still currently in their before state) so you all can give me your wonderful advice…(I’d still love it if you’d go there and leave your fabulous furniture makeover advice in […]