CSN Time — Butterflies and babies in the bedroom

We interrupt this non-stop robot party coverage to bring you a word from our sponsors… 
 Actually, CSN is not a sponsor of this blog, but I am one of their “preferred bloggers” which means that periodically they are willing to send me FREE stuff that I can tell you about.  Unless you have just discovered what a blog is, there is a pretty good you have heard about CSN.  They have over 200 stores with all kinds of things for house, home, and life.  They have a great selection if you are looking for a platform bed.  I’ve recently discovered that they carry holiday decorations.  And just today I saw that they have Halloween costumes for all of you us who are still deciding what to be.  And I get to pick something new!  Any suggestions this time?  I’m not sure.
Shall I show you what I chose last time… 
This beautiful braided chenille butterfly rug!  I got it for my daughters’ bedroom that I still haven’t been able to reveal, because it still isn’t done, and because it isn’t usually very clean.  🙂
My daughter was thrilled with the rug and we both thought it was prettier in person than it had looked on-line.  It is very sturdy, but still soft and inviting.  It looks great in the room.  See…

Wanna know why the ruffled bedskirt is so skiwampus in this picture?

This is why!

This is what happens when you put the baby on the floor to take a couple of pictures.  Don’t you just want to kiss him?  (He get’s that all the time!)
Anyway, love the butterfly rug, love the baby, love that I get to pick something new for my home from CSN!
We now return to our regularly scheduled robot party programming….Don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day for the Hello Hanna giveaway!
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  1. Ummm…hello cuteness!!! Your little man looks sooo much like your little miss T in those photos!! 🙂

  2. Pam @ PartyStart.Me says

    Cute rug, but OMG how sweet is your baby…cutie patootie!! Love that sweet little smile!

  3. dining room table says

    This is a very cool idea! You are really so creative when it comes to this stuff! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Hahaha, he is sooo cute!!!

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