Hello Hanna Winner

It rained today, and the thermometer never hit the triple-digit mark! Finally, I feel like I can decorate and work on Halloween projects, and actually got some fun ones done today! But I cannot share anything like that with you yet, because my computer is very ill. I thought it was a goner, but it went to see a specialist who says that with a brain transplant and some therapy, it should be good as new! (Don’t tell my computer, but I was actually getting excited about the thought of something new and shiny taking it’s place. My pocketbook is happy that it looks to be repairable, but it’s days may still be numbered).

So until my computer recovers and I have access to my photos and editing software, etc., I won’t be showing much of my current insanity. There are some other posts I can and need to do like this one, where I tell you that Alayna is the winner of the Hello Hanna Placemat giveaway.  She liked the robots:

It seems like Alayna may have won a giveaway here before.  I can’t remember, but I do remember that she is really good about linking up to all of my crazy linky parties (like the awesome Costume Parade that is currently going on), whether there are prizes or not.  Speaking of prizes, if I get some for the costume parade, will you please come and link up your costumes?  I still need some ideas.  I can’t quite figure out how to incorporate a wolf, a clown, and a robot into one theme.  Hmm…
If you need some ideas, there are already some fantastic costumes linked up, so check them out!
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