Spa Day Party – Fun with Flip Flops

Last night was my music recital for the year, and I tell you I am exhausted today. The big bummer is there was plenty of insanity involved in the refreshments and such, but with everything else I was trying to do, no camera, and no pictures. 🙁 Maybe I can re-create a few things and post them for you later. Last year’s recital was much smaller, but you can see what I did for refreshments here.
There is still lots to show you from the Spa Day birthday party! Like these fun summer (or pedicure) flip flops.  This is the project I had the girls work on when they first arrived, and while they were waiting for the “spa” to “open”. I bought the flip flops at Hobby Lobby. Most of them I got when they were running a 50% off sale, so they were less than a dollar. The hardest part was guesstimating the appropriate sizes for the guests. I suppose I could have asked guests to rsvp with their shoe size. But instead, I just grabbed several different sizes in our party color scheme.
I had ribbons and trim for them to tie to the straps. Wanting to make it feel a little like something that belonged in a spa, I bought a few hand towels from the dollar spot at Target and cut them up to be tied on, as well.
It was fun to see the personalities of the girls come out as they decorated their shoes–each making theirs a little bit different.
 (One even opted for plain white.) And then, of course, they all had something fun to wear, after they got their toenails painted a little bit later…
 If you have girls, this could be a fun and simple project to do with them to welcome in summer and the end of the school. You can use strips of cotton fabric, tulle for froofy ones, ribbon, or most anything. Just leave the strips long so they are easy to tie. You can always trim them down later. If you want to see the fun big girl party I got to go to where we made these, click here.
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  1. JDaniel4's Mom says

    Cute idea! I love the designs they created!


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