Studio C: Good Clean Fun & ROKU Giveaway!

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I got a package last week that has really helped cure the summer boredom blues for my family…

Roku giveaway

I was sent this ROKU so that we could access the BYUtv channel and all of the existing episodes of Studio C!

“What is Studio C?” you may ask.


I actually had no idea until about a month ago when we were in Utah for my niece’s wedding. We were staying at my sister’s house and came home one night, to find her whole family (kids ranging from ages 3-15) gathered around the TV where they had plugged in a laptop so they could play Studio C sketches from YouTube for everyone to see. My kids were hooked with in minutes. Imagine how thrilled they were when I got the email from BYUtv a couple of weeks later.

When I was in high school, I remember every Sunday at church the young men in my congregation would quote and re-quote the Saturday Night Live sketches from the night before. Some of them sounded really funny. Many hardly seemed appropriate to be brought up during Sunday School.

Studio C takes its cues from Saturday Night Live–a series of unrelated comedy sketches about all kinds of random topics. The big difference is that none of the material in Studio C is suggestive or inappropriate for kids. Although it isn’t necessarily targeted at children. The comedy is sophisticated enough to entertain adults but funny enough to entertain children, making it a perfect family entertainment event.

I won’t say I loved every single sketch. Some seemed a little too silly to me (but my kids usually still liked those ones), but there are some real winners. My favorites are the Captain Literally sketches. Whenever someone misuses the term “literally”, Captain Literally sweeps in to literalize their reality and restore balance to the situation. For example, to the guy who says he is literally glued to his seat watching the movie, Captain Literally–dressed in a superhero costume–enters the room and glues his bum to the couch. I know all of my English major friends and relatives will love those!

I also think the episodes have gotten stronger over the two seasons. I think when we showed the first episode to BSB, he wasn’t totally sold on the show. I came home from running errands the other day, and he had been watching most of the rest of the episodes. He is now an addict.

And there is even more good news!!! I get to give away a ROKU to one of my readers so you can enjoy all of this good, clean fun, yourself!  Briefly, I’ll tell you about the ROKU, since I was kind of clueless before this. It is a tiny box that connects to your tv and to your wifi. You can stream Netflix and lots of other services through it. What’s great is that there are a lot of free channels that you can download, like BYUtv, and PBS. You go straight to those channels to watch their content on-demand. It is a great option for our family, since we don’t subscribe to cable. I love choosing specifically which channels we want in our home. And now that we’ve pretty much seen all of Studio C, I’m excited to explore some of the other shows at BYUtv like the drama, Granite Flats.

So go on, enter below! And let me know if your family has as much fun with Studio C as mine has had!
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  1. Natasha Sequeira says

    Would like to try this..

  2. Kameron Bybee says

    Interesting! I haven’t ever heard of Studio C, though I *have* heard of Roku and am interested in that. 🙂

    • You have to check it out, Kameron! You know I was totally thinking about you when I wrote about Captain Literally (and my English major sisters). You’ll love it!

  3. ashley nielson says


  4. BYU Channel!!

  5. I’d love to watch anything right now! We discontinued our satellite service a couple of months ago when we thought we were moving and are still waiting to move!

  6. We are a total PBS family! I need one of these!

  7. Rebecca Musser says

    I’d like to enter to win a Roku! I read about them a few months ago and have been wanting to try one out.

  8. What a fun giveaway! I’d love to try a Roku for the family. I’m watching less and less TV these days, so it’s really the kid programming I’m interested in.

  9. Rob Bagley says

    I like Studio C, Mormon Channel, Amazon Instant, Netflix, VUDU

  10. I am so excited. We have been wanting to try this!

  11. We use Netflix and would like to try this. Thanks!

  12. Carla D. says

    Any of them. Just had to get rid of cable because we were paying way too much for channels we didn’t watch.

  13. Carla D. says

    Season 2 Episode 11

  14. I would LOVE to be able to watch the BYU channel!

  15. P.S. I found you earlier this year and I love your name 😉

  16. noel holley says

    We’ve just started hearing about both the show and roku… we just do netflix but would LOOOOOVE some variety 🙂

  17. Netflix

  18. I watched the weatherman sketch

  19. noel holley says

    Ok, kendra…. I did the UNTHINKABLE! I opened a twitter account… JUST because I REEEAAAALLLLLYYY want to win 😉

  20. Kyle Dunn says


  21. I would love to watch BYU TV on the Roku. That would be so nice!

  22. Karen Smith says

    What a fun giveaway! I would love to win a Roku!

  23. Natasha Sequeira says

    Would like to try this to kill my boredom.

  24. Bryan Sequeira says

    Been using Netflix, would like to try this – if I win!

  25. We LOVE Studio C! My kids quote it all the time (even the 6 year old). It’s pretty hilarious! Good, clean fun for all! We’d love to win this!!!

  26. Natalie Lyons says

    I would to watch netflix

  27. Studio C is AMAZING. Clean Saturday Night Live, so refreshing. I think BYUtv is not on Roku though, they only have Mormon Channel… you sure Studio C is available through Roku?

    • Yep! We watch it all the time now! It is BYUtv, and you can log in to watch live or can select from their programming. We’ve now watched all of Studio C and the drama Granite Flats. You just have to search for it. It took us a minute to find and download the channel.

  28. wellllll…this caugh my eye on Glenn’s FB page and don’t know ROKU or SC cuz I live in my little world of no cableland. Thanks for the thoughts, mo

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