Happy 4th of July

I hope you are having a wonderful day celebrating our nation’s independence! (Unless you live somewhere else, in which case, you can disregard this post). I had visions of lots of patriotic insanity this year, but this holiday also coincided with the beginning of our family reunion/vacation insanity, so buy fireworks online for the occasion and this pedicure I gave my daughter is about the extent of this year’s insanity.

It was the result of a girls night with a quick trip to the drug store for some nail polish and a Redbox. You can buy the white in skinnier bottles now that allows for a few details.

Fun! Right? I’ve seen lots of other fun nail ideas on Pinterest. We’ll have to experiment more often.

I also wanted to let you know that I will be “on vacation” for the rest of July. It’s not like I’m going to be sitting on a beach sipping pina coladas for a month–don’t I wish! But I will be traipsing around the country reuniting with family and friends, and celebrating important occasions, like my parents 50th wedding anniversary!! There may still be a couple of scheduled posts popping up, but I will not be available to answer bloggy-type emails or comments during the month. If you have a hankering for more insanity, the best place to look for me is on Instagram and I will periodically check in on Facebook.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer, full of memories with your families!

God Bless America!


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