I couldn’t have Picked a better Teacher Appreciation Gift

berry teacher appreciation-7713

Another quick teacher appreciation idea. Although, I didn’t use these for teachers at all. I teach Let’s Play Music and we just had our recital for the graduates of the program last week. The Let’s Play Music program requires a lot of parent participation and I wanted to recognize the parents and help the kids tell them “thank you” for their part in their success in the program.

berry teacher appreciation-7714

These came together pretty easily because I designed them to use products I had on hand. I picked up the berry baskets from Bake It Pretty at the market at SNAP! Conference. I had the mini-chalkboards from a Pick Your Plum order a little while back. And of course, I have a large supply of baker’s twine on hand. Pretty sure I couldn’t call myself a crafty blogger if I didn’t.

I went to Lowes and picked out these potted flowers for about $1.00/each. They happened to be the perfect size to slide into my berry basket. I had thought to get little berry bushes, but between the shape of the pots and the expense of the plants, I opted for these instead. They were more colorful, and I’m afraid our Arizona heat wouldn’t be too kind to the berries. I think it works either way.

Since all of the parents that came to class this year were moms, and our recital was right before Mother’s Day, I made labels to say “I couldn’t have PICKED a better mom!”

mini chalk art collage

I used a chalk ink marker to try some miniature chalk art on the picks. I posted my progress on Instagram. These read “Thank you for helping me GROW as a musician!” For a teacher I would say something like, “Thank you for helping me learn and GROW this year!” For a friend, “I’m glad we could GROW close this year!”

picked teacher

I printed the labels on basic 1 inch X 2 5/8 inch labels. And I am sharing them with you! To cover all of our bases, there are labels that say “Mom”, some that say “Friend” and a bunch that say “Teacher” on the same sheet. I hope these are useful to you!


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What are you doing for your children’s teachers to say “Thank you” at the end of the school year?

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  1. You just might make someone’s day. The kids can also keep score on the chalkboard when they play other games traveling down road. G0 homemade.

  2. great thanks broooo

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