Good Clean Fun: Official Spring Cleaning Party Post

Welcome! Are you ready for some good clean fun! We’ve been working hard this month and now it’s time to party! OK, so it may not be as much fun as my Party Party, but I’ve got music! And a fantastic prize! I’m really hoping we can inspire and motivate each other in our domestic […]

Kick Starting My Spring Cleaning

Yes, I will blog all about gourmet group, soon, but now that that is done, I need a serious kick in the pants to get going on my Spring Cleaning and organizing projects. I’ve made a button that you are welcome to distribute all over blogland! I figure if you all are counting on me […]

March–My Official Spring Cleaning Month

I was supposed to be posting about our fabulous Chocolate-themed (yes, you were right) gourmet group dinner this weekend, but I happened to come down with strep throat the night before, and rather than share that with my dinner guests, we postponed gourmet group. Bummer, right? I will post details as soon as it happens. […]

10 minutes to a better powder room

I’m guessing most of my readers have heard of the Nester, by now, but just in case you haven’t she has a great blog featuring do-able ways that we can beautify our homes. In her recent series, 10 minutes to a room you love, she gives ideas for quick fixes that can transform a room, […]


Welcome Everybody! Come on in! Does it feel like a party in here? Of course, I had to put up a few decorations. Do you like the party music I have on for today? Of course, I have some refreshments for you. I finally twisted my husbands strong arm hard enough to get him to […]