Family Room Makeover with BHG

Do you have any rooms in your house that you have big plans for but either no time or budget to execute those plans? So the rooms just sit there undecorated and uninspiring? My family room has been an eyesore for a while, so when I was contacted to participate in the BHG @Walmart Room Refresh […]

Merry Christmas 2012

  Wishing you a sweet, fluffy and white Christmas (if that is what you are dreaming of).   From our crazy family to yours! Merry Christmas!

Great Gifts for Grandma

Have you ever thought about what makes a great gift? For me, it can be summed up in 3 words, which all begin with the letter F. You are probably familiar with the first two. You hear the words tossed around often when it comes to design: Form and function. Form has to do with […]

Back to School Photos…in July

I thought I should check in and let you know that we survived our 3 1/2 week road trip in Utah and California with lots of great pictures to show and stories to tell! (Don’t worry. It’s all coming!) We are less likely to survive our first week back in reality since we came home […]

Vintage Rose Wraps Video and Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to play model again, but this time, it was with my two favorite miniature models by my side. (Actually, my oldest isn’t so miniature, anymore. I bet her feet are larger than most of yours.) Anyway, we were all excited to get dressed-up and participate in […]

First Day of School Photos

This week marked the last of the first days of school for the year! My daughter started Preschool and I started teaching my music classes for the semester. I thought you might want to see how I captured the new school year in photos. These chalkboards are fairly inexpensive (did I find them at Michaels […]

Partying with the Party Girls

I had a wonderful time partying with the party girls at our Girls Night Out last week! *** All photos courtesy of the magnificent Sierra Studios Photography Hosts and Special Guests: Me, Kristyn, Laura of Laura Winslow Photography,Toni and Kim from The TomKat Studio, and Steph We Partied it up at SweetCakes Cafe in Mesa, AZ […]

The Spa Party: Perfect 10 Day Spa/Salon

I’ve managed to drag out the re-cap of my daughter’s Spa Birthday party for a very long time! I hope you aren’t bored to tears of it yet. One of the reasons I’ve been slow is that it is almost time for our June Blogger/Crafter’s Night Out and I have been working on lots of […]

What a difference a year makes!

 In just a little more than a week’s time, my oldest turned 10 and my youngest turned 1. I think I’m in a little bit of denial. How is it possible that I have a 10 year old? And how come my baby is starting to look like a little boy? Of course, I have […]

Creative Estates Photos

MyInsanity’s photostream on Flickr. I took so many fun pictures from Creative Estates. I’m going to post a re-cap with a few favorites along with my impressions and highlights from the event, but if you want to see the whole she-bang, Check out my flickr stream!